Our Power and Energy business manufactures and delivers a range of equipment, solutions and services aimed at driving efficient energy management across the industry value chain.

Our strong EPC experience in implementing large scale transmission and distribution power projects across India has consistently set benchmarks in terms of executing projects that bring power to people. We have commissioned more than 25 substations and 300 km of transmission lines of up to 400kV. These projects have electrified around 16 lakh households covering 20,000 villages and 56 urban towns across India, in addition to installing millions of solar panels to generate clean power.

Our extensive industry expertise comes from our ability to manufacture a range of process equipment for power plants globally with an unparalleled track record of supplying Class 1 category equipment for nuclear power plants as well as mechanical equipment for reactor vessels and fuel handling systems. We also build high-quality energy-efficient motors and components that meet the highest global manufacturing benchmarks.

From manufacturing clean energy generation equipment to building state-of-the-art control systems that drive effective energy-management in factories and buildings, our focus is on creating energy-efficient solutions for industry and homes.

To help conserve energy inside plants and buildings, our Busbar Systems offer innovative internal energy distribution busduct systems that distribute electricity efficiently while our compressed air solutions help industries manage their long-term operational energy costs.

So, if you’re looking for a partner to build a micro-grid or a mega-plant, we have the expertise. Come partner with us.


Years partnership with Nuclear Power Corporation of India


Lakh households electrified


MVA installed transformation capacity
Top Products & Services
Hermetic Compressor Motors

Hermetic Compressor Motors (Induction/BLDC Motors)

Hermetic compressors are ideal for domestic and commercial refrigeration systems, where continuous maintenance cannot usually be ensured.Hermetic compressor motors are the most common motors found in air conditioning commercial units. At Lawkim, we thrived to make our hermetic compressor motors of the highest quality, best efficiency and customized for every need of the appliance industry and manufacturing plants. Manufactured in a world class facility, these motors are nothing short of small robust machines, which makes the whole product function with glee.

BLDC motors also known as electronically commutated motors (ECMs, EC motors) are synchronous that are powered by a DC electric source via an integrated inverter/switching power supply, which produces an AC electric signal to drive the motor.Brushless motors may be described as stepper motors; however, the term stepper motor tends to be used for motors that are designed specifically to be operated in a mode where they are frequently stopped with the rotor in a defined angular position.

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Air insulated-MV

Air insulated-MV Busduct

Rating: 1.1 kV to 36 kV, 1 kA to 5 kA, 100kA for 1 Sec STC

Application: Medium voltage power distribution between Transformers, panels and medium size Generators connection, Tap-off connections provided for SP-VT Cubicles, NG Cubicles, etc.

Ability to withstand large electro-dynamic forces during abnormal operating conditions.
ASTA Certified Type tested design as per IEC Standard

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Sandwich Busducts

415V to 1.1kV, upto 6300A, 100KA STC for 1 Sec and available configuration of 3Ph 3 Wire, 4 Wire & 5 wire configuration.

Low voltage Power distribution from Transformer and Switchgear Connections, Rising main and across segments

Smart, Modular, Asthetic, Reliable & Tested as per IEC 61439 -6 (Certified by ASTA)

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Phase isolated

Phase isolated-HV Busduct

7.2kV to 36 kV, 60 kVp to 170 kVp Up to 25kA - Naturally air cooled, Beyond 25 kA – Forced air cooled Up to 300 kA RMS and 900 kAp

Large Generator connections to Generator Transformer (with or without a Generator Circuit Breaker) with Tap-Off connections to Unit Auxiliary Transformers, LASCVT Cubicles, Excitation Transformer Cubicles, NG Cubicles, etc.

• Ability to withstand large electro-dynamic forces during abnormal
• Operating conditions
• Ability to carry large currents

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Drive Mechanisms

Drive Mechanisms for Nuclear reactor 500 MW, 220 MW

Drive Mechanisms move control rods up and down in reactor core to control nuclear reaction and also act as safety mechanism to shut down the reaction.

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Calibration Services

We are NABL accredited calibration laboratory as per ISO 17025 standard. We are world class and well-equipped instrument calibration service provider offering calibration services of the highest quality. We ensure our calibration services by maintaining your instrument at highest accuracy level.
We cater to wide set of industries ranging from Manufacturing to Services. We are one of the largest private calibration lab in India.Our calibration labs are currently present at Mumbai, Pune Vadodara, Chennai, Gurugram and regional offices at Bhopal, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam.
International sales offices at UAE and Bangladesh.

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Extra High Voltage (EHV)

E&E provides optimized engineering, procurement & construction solutions in the area of Gas Insulated and Air Insulated substations up to 765kV. The comprehensive services cover complete Design and Engineering of Substations, procurement and timely delivery of equipment at site, civil works and installation, testing and commissioning.

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Solar Rooftop Plant

Solar Ground Mounted Plant


A smart way of managing productive resources

A transformative change significantly alters the profile, capabilities, contours and culture of an organization. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a well-established way of managing production resources for meeting ever-rising standards of productivity, quality and reliability.


Towards Digitally Aided Fabrication

It is estimated that the cycle time of the cutting process stands reduced by a hefty 75%.


Godrej Bambusa Bikes

In 2012, Mr. Vijay Crishna visited Antarctica with British explorer, Sir Robert Swan, to witness climate change, first-hand. During the visit, their group welcomed two young Dutch men who had spent the previous 15 months cycling 16,000 kms from Deadhorse, Alaska to Ushuaia, riding bamboo-framed bikes! Mr. Crishna was very impressed with the bikes, and on his return, he asked the Lawkim team to develop such bikes.


“The essence of strategy is also choosing what not to do!”

Talk of growth, and what comes naturally to mind is: widening of the product offerings, adding new categories, expanding into newer markets, forming strategic alliances and so on.


Sailing the Uncharted Seas

The ‘can-do’ attitude and deep confidence in the capabilities of the team are essential to execute large projects having complex developmental work.


Existing building re-thought

Visit Hubble at Plant 13 Annex for a meal or a meeting and discover what sustainability means to Godrej & Boyce.


Success Equals 80% Planning Plus 20% Execution

Use experience only as an aid and never let it come in the way of preparing a plan that may initially sound unrealistic.


Quality Management Capability

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Assembly Capability

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Design / Product Development

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Godrej Process Equipment manufactures critical equipment of

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The Design team of Godrej Process Equipment comprises of qualified & experienced design engineers

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Our welding engineering has over 1900 qualified procedures for an extremely wide variety of metallurgies

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