HVAC Motors
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HVAC Motors

Lawkim HVAC motors are an integral part of packaged air- conditioning units of all leading MNCs. We work with them right from the design stage to develop a suitable type of motor for their requirement. Due to our vast experience,competent team of engineers, in-house development center and tool room facility, the development period is shortened. Our large manufacturing capacity ensures consistent supply of high quality motors.

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    Package IDU & ODU units. Capacity - 3 Tons to 22 TR


    200 W to 2200 W in 4 pole, 6 pole and high slip mode RPM of 1200 -1050 specially in 4 pole motors. 50 Hz supply.

    • IDU Fan Motor: Option up to 5 speeds. Operates from -20°C to 40°C continuous operation.
    • ODU Fan Motors: Option up to 3 speeds. Operates from -20°C to 60°C continuous operation.
    • Insulation system tested and proved for sustaining extreme humidity and high ambient temperature.
    • Customised solutions for critical applications which are most cost-effective. We work with almost all Indian HVAC equipment makers concurrently, during their design stage.
    • We qualify the motor and conduct validation tests including reliability tests.
    • Powder coated exterior to withstand tough outdoor conditions of rain, dust and humidity.
    • Specialised in making top discharge Fan Motors which are capable of IP55 protection.
    • All types of possible mounting options are made available - Resilient mounting, Lug mounting, Pad mounting, Stud mounting, single and both side shafts is possible in our motors.
    • All motors are thermally protected against accidental lock rotor condition and permanently lubricated for service life of more than 40,000 hours of operation. Motors tested and qualified as per specifications of leading globalHVAC equipment makers.

    Characteristics of the HVAC motors
    • Motors are thermally protected with UL recognized overload protectors.
    • Optimized designs give low temperature rise, quiet operation and energy efficiency, hence saving power.
    • Expert backup provided for motor selection and qualification for specific application.
    • Motors can be specially designed to meet electrical and mechanical performance criteria.
    • Totally enclosed or open design as per customer requirement.
    • Die Cast precision-machined aluminium end shield for accurate alignment of shafts and bearings.
    • Powder-coated shells for good corrosion resistance.
    • Manufactured in state-of-the-art machines to have consistency.
    • Permanent lubrication for service life of 50000hrs of continuous operation.
    • Use of Slingers to avoid loss of lubrication oil. Motors are suitable for extreme operating conditions of low temperature, high humidity, dusty atmosphere & high ambient temperatures.
    • Our vast experienced teams of engineers make the best of the in-house development centre, tool room facility and develop the best of the designs for several HVAC companies.
    • High-quality HVAC motors from Lawkim can help you maximize the life and power of your HVAC systems and help you choose the right motor for the applications, to help maximize the life of the products and appliances.

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