The year 1958 was quite historic for us. We made the first Indian refrigerator. It wasn't just our entry into home appliances, but it was a great moment for India and for Indian women. Not only was this the first refrigerator that was designed and made in India, but it also helped liberate the homemaker from being in the kitchen all day. She could go to work and fulfil her dreams.

We continue to keep you at the heart of everything we do and have made a conscious effort to design, and manufacture products that serve a larger purpose. Every design for a new product begins with an in-depth study of Indian lifestyle, region-specific habits and the unique environments in which we live and work. Our design and engineering teams keep your needs at the centre of everything we do.

Our innovation efforts are focussed on creating products that improve your quality of life while protecting the planet and its scarce resources. We have developed ACs, refrigerators and washing machines that not only are energy efficient, but also designed to handle erratic electricity and water supply, which unfortunately are issues most Indians face.

Recently, we did research on multigenerational Indian families who live together. The big insight was that y people tend to overfill their refrigerators, so it's important for each shelf of the refrigerator to be equally chilled on all sides. That's why we developed a technology which ensures uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator so all your food, no matter where it's placed on the shelf, stays properly chilled.

For over 60 years, we have thoughtfully designed appliances to enable Indians to live more comfortably and in so doing, to also be part of the solution to conserve our planet's scarce natural resources.

If you're looking for appliances that are great for you and the planet, come connect with us at one of over 25,000 retail outlets or simply visit us online.


Indian Finalist of the Global Cooling Prize


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WF Eon 7010 PASC Silver

WF Eon 7010 PASC Silver

With our range of Godrej Eon Front Load washing machines not only will your clothes be rid from visible stains, but invisible germs and allergens as well. Because we believe that the fun should never stop, for large stains or tiny germs and allergens. Allergy Protect wash program removes 7common allergens and 4 kinds of bacteria.

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India's first Air Cooler with Inverter Technology found hitherto in Air Conditioners, the new Godrej Edge Cool Blast Air Cooler ensures greater cooling with up to 50% power saving* and its intelligent auto cool technology adjusts cooling based on room temperature. With ice drip cooling technology, 18"" large aerodynamic fan blades, turbo chill mode, 35mm thick honeycomb pads, 60 Ltrs water tank and a lot more, it ensures powerful cooling even as its robust design makes it durable and sturdy.

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Godrej ViroShield 4-0 can disinfect 99%+ Covid-19 viruses in 2 to 6 minutes through UV-C rays- Godrej ViroShield 4-0 has been tested and certified for UV-C irradiance by an ICMR empanelled lab-Across the world, UVC sterilization is an established scientific method for dry killing pathogens, viruses and bacteria including SARS-CoV-1- While there is no microbiological test study against Covid 19, UV-C disinfection is prolific and clinically accepted for Covid 19.

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Sure Chill Saves Lives, Surely

Every year, over 2,000,000 children under five die in India, and over one million are disabled due to no vaccination or ineffective vaccines. The lack of a robust cold chain infrastructure (temperature control mechanisms for transport, storage and handling) results in compromised vaccines. Research estimates 151 million vaccines, worth $750 million, are lost annually from improper refrigeration. Vaccines lose potency on exposure to temperatures above 8°C and below 2°C. This damage is irreversible and harmful. It is crucial that vaccines are always stored in the 2-8°C range. UNICEF and WHO discourage the use of domestic refrigerators and commercial coolers because they lack precise temperature controls, have a very narrow safe zone, and no holdover time.

Godrej NXW Inverter AC - India's most energy-effic

At Godrej, we always strive to delight our customers with relevant and innovative products that make their lives brighter. The market for air conditioners is over-crowded with over 30 brands vying for greater presence, continually. In such a market, to stand out, Godrej decided to create an offering which scores far higher than anyone else on the dimension of energy efficiency, thus, strongly addressing a major concern of AC buyers - the power bills.

Godrej Chest Freezers - Great power savers

Godrej has been a pioneer in the refrigeration space since 1958, when it launched the first Indian refrigerator. For decades, Godrej has been the undisputed leader for housing refrigerators both frost free and direct cool. In the niche segments too, Godrej has introduced many novel products such as Surechill for safe and longer storage of vaccines, which are vital for public health, especially children.

Godrej Eon Washing Machine with Allergy Protect Te

In 2017, Godrej Appliances launched a range of advanced front-load fully automatic washing machines to strengthen its presence in the high-end washing machine segment.

Vending Machine Technician (VMT) Project

Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co Ltd (G & B) is commited to sustainable business devevlopment and has been a responsible corporate citizen over the past many decades. In 2011, Godrej formally adopted an overarching CSR strategy called 'Good & Green'


Godrej Appliances becomes one of the eight finalists across the globe and among 139 applicants for the Global Cooling Prize.

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National Energy Conservation Award For Refrigerators, 3rd Year In A Row, Bureau Of Energy Efficiency-Govt. Of India (2019,18,17)

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National Energy Conservation Award For Refrigerators, Bureau Of Energy Efficiency-Govt. Of India (2017)

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National Energy Conservation Award For ACs, Bureau Of Energy Efficiency-Govt. Of India (2016)

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National Energy Conservation Award For ACs, Refrigerators And Manufacturing Plants By Bureau Of Energy Efficiency-Govt. Of India (2015)

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Reader's Digest Trusted Brand-Gold(2006, 07, 08, 09, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19)

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Best Social Media Brand - SAMMIE 2019

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