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Our journey in appliances began in 1958. At that time, Indians had no choice but to import foreign appliances for their homes. We took as our goal to develop and manufacture a refrigerator in India, and we made India’s first. It was momentous, and a big milestone in India’s journey of self-reliance.

Today, we have grown to become one of India’s largest players in the fast-growing home appliances market. With manufacturing facilities in Shirwal, outside of Pune, Maharashtra and Mohali, Punjab which are the first and only manufacturing units in the country to win the coveted Platinum Green Co. certification for their efforts in green manufacturing; and a state-of-the-art R&D centre in Pirangut on the outskirts of Pune.

We’ve passionately been offering some of India’s most thoughtfully designed appliances because we believe we should make people’s lives more convenient. Our research shows that vegetables are the most frequently accessed item in a refrigerator in an Indian home, so we switched the freezer to the bottom in our NXW refrigerators, and raised the height of our vegetable drawer, ensuring you don’t have to bend to take your vegetables out. We also know that frequent opening of the refrigerator raises the internal temperature , so we offered an innovative solution to the issue by providing a separate vegetable drawer in our single door refrigerators Edge Duo, so you don’t have to open the whole refrigerator to access your vegetables, preventing cooling loss and thermal shock, and optimising your energy bills.

In our front load washing machines, we introduced a novel allergy protect technology, to ensure that your linens are germ and allergen free after being washed. In response to the Covid pandemic and to make home sterilisation convenient, we introduced the Viroshield. It uses 360-degree disinfecting ultraviolet technology that sterilises surfaces in a matter of minutes. It makes sterilisation of groceries, parcels, and daily use items like masks, keys and cash, easy and hassle free. This device has been tested and certified by an ICMR empanelled lab for its UV irradiance, and UV leak effectiveness, making it safe for domestic use.

We introduced a small format food and beverage cooler – the Qube, which fits into small spaces, providing easy access to chilled food and drinks. The Qube is compact, compressor and refrigerant-free and works on superior solid-state cooling technology.It’s versatile enough to fit into your kitchen, bedroom, or even your office.

Our commitment to sustainability also led us to introduce an inverter technology that delivers faster and more efficient cooling for your air conditioners and protects the environment while ensuring your cooling needs. Our notable sustainability credentials include India's first green refrigerator in 2001, the world’s first green AC and 7-star AC in 2012, India's first inverter AC in 2005, the largest range of single door 5-star refrigerators in 2008 and 6-star refrigerator in 2013.

As the world gets warmer, and population growth and urbanisation increase, the demand for air conditioners is projected to rise from 1.2 billion to 4.5 billion (of which India will account for 1 billion) by 2050. We are proud to be the only Indian company shortlisted for the Global Cooling Prize, a prestigious global challenge to design a cooling solution with five times less climate impact than the ACs popular today. The Global Cooling Prize is an international innovation competition conducted by the Rocky Mountain Institute to develop super-efficient and climate friendly residential cooling solutions for the home.

If it’s a home appliance you are looking for, and one that’s been designed keeping in mind your needs and those of the planet, reach out to us at one of our retail outlets or visit us online at shop.godrejappliances.com. We would be delighted to serve you.

Indian finalist of the Global Cooling Prize
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Sure Chill Saves Lives, Surely

Every year, over 2,000,000 children under five die in India, and over one million are disabled due to no vaccination or ineffective vaccines. The lack of a robust cold chain infrastructure (temperature control mechanisms for transport, storage and handling) results in compromised vaccines. Research estimates 151 million vaccines, worth $750 million, are lost annually from improper refrigeration. Vaccines lose potency on exposure to temperatures above 8°C and below 2°C. This damage is irreversible and harmful. It is crucial that vaccines are always stored in the 2-8°C range. UNICEF and WHO discourage the use of domestic refrigerators and commercial coolers because they lack precise temperature controls, have a very narrow safe zone, and no holdover time.

Godrej NXW Inverter AC - India's most energy-efficient air conditioner

At Godrej, we always strive to delight our customers with relevant and innovative products that make their lives brighter. The market for air conditioners is over-crowded with over 30 brands vying for greater presence, continually. In such a market, to stand out, Godrej decided to create an offering which scores far higher than anyone else on the dimension of energy efficiency, thus, strongly addressing a major concern of AC buyers - the power bills.

Godrej Chest Freezers - Great power savers

Godrej has been a pioneer in the refrigeration space since 1958, when it launched the first Indian refrigerator. For decades, Godrej has been the undisputed leader for housing refrigerators both frost free and direct cool. In the niche segments too, Godrej has introduced many novel products such as Surechill for safe and longer storage of vaccines, which are vital for public health, especially children.

Godrej Eon Washing Machine with Allergy Protect Technology

In 2017, Godrej Appliances launched a range of advanced front-load fully automatic washing machines to strengthen its presence in the high-end washing machine segment.

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Godrej Appliances becomes one of the eight finalists across the globe and among 139 applicants for the Global Cooling Prize.

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National Energy Conservation Award For Refrigerators, 3rd Year In A Row, Bureau Of Energy Efficiency-Govt. Of India (2019,18,17)

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National Energy Conservation Award For Refrigerators, Bureau Of Energy Efficiency-Govt. Of India (2017)

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National Energy Conservation Award For ACs, Bureau Of Energy Efficiency-Govt. Of India (2016)

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National Energy Conservation Award For ACs, Refrigerators And Manufacturing Plants By Bureau Of Energy Efficiency-Govt. Of India (2015)

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Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand-Gold(2006, 07, 08, 09, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19)

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Best Social Media Brand - SAMMIE 2019

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Green Think

Protection of Environment is one of the core values of Godrej & we seek your co-operation to make sure that this product ,packaging and plastic material is not disposed as unsorted municipal waste.

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Green Think

"Brighter living" is a unique vision with an inclusive approach aimed at creating a greener India. Developed with intelligent technologies, we seek to design and deliver environmentally superior products which are energy efficient.

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Green Approach

Our green approach has brought us much recognition, such as:

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Magic Of 3R's

Since we believe in protecting the environment, we build in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (3 Rs) element in our processes. As an initiative in this space, we have taken a step towards reusing discarded materials as a resource for manufacturing.

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Godrej Take Back Policy

Electronic waste (E-waste) comprises of waste electrical/electronic goods which are not fit for their originally intended use. These outdated/obsolete appliances or electrical/electronic devices found in offices and houses can become hazardous if not discarded properly.

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