Home & Personal Care

It was in 1920, when we ventured into the Home & Personal Care Business. We began with an innovation by manufacturing soap from vegetable oil instead of animal fat and showing the world that there’s a humane way to do human things.

Since then, we have been one of India's leading FMCG companies. In fact, most people know us as an inextricable part of India and her history, a fact we are incredibly proud of. That is why it probably surprises most to know that today, nearly half our revenues in the FMCG business come from our international businesses in three emerging markets - Asia, Africa and Latin America, across three categories - home care, personal wash and hair care.

In household insecticides, we are a leading player in India with Goodknight and HIT, the second-largest player in Indonesia with HIT, and are expanding our footprint in Africa.

We are the leader in serving the hair care needs of women of African descent (our portfolio includes the iconic Darling brand, among others), the number one player in hair colour in India (with Godrej Expert, Godrej Professional, Nupur and BBLUNT) and ethnic hair colour Sub-Saharan Africa (with Inecto), and among the leading players in Latin America (with Ilicit, Issue and Roby).

We rank number two in soaps in India (with Godrej No.1 and Cinthol) and are the number one player in air fresheners in India (with Aer) and Indonesia (with Stella). We are also the leaders in liquid detergents in India (with Ezee) and wet tissues in Indonesia (with Mitu).

Our brands touch the lives of 1.15 billion consumers globally. The question is, are they a part of your life yet?

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