When you click the 'Buy' button on your screen, our Intralogistics solutions help identify the correct products on a shelf in a warehouse thousands of kilometres away to ensure that your parcel reaches you on time.

Our Intralogistics solutions ensure that the orders of millions of India's fast-growing online customers are met rapidly, efficiently and profitably by the new generation of e-commerce companies.

We provide seamless solutions allowing you to keep focussed on your business, leaving the logistics to us.

With a track record of over six decades, in India and beyond in South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East, we have gained a deep understanding of on-ground realities as well as the imperatives that drive business success in an ever-changing economic landscape. As industry leaders in terms of revenue and reach, we are proud of setting new benchmarks for operational performance and customer satisfaction.

We serve diverse sectors from Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Agrochemicals, Food and Beverages to Textiles, Paper, Paints, Automotive, Railways and Defence. We have created bespoke services to adapt our solutions to your unique needs and conditions.

When it comes to your company’s intra-logistics needs, you can depend on us to help you drive growth for your business.


Million+ sq. ft warehouse area built


Years of storage experience


Countries served through exports
Top Products & Services

Rentals (RenTRUST)

Godrej RenTRUST is a proud Indian brand with over a decade of expertise in managing solutions for complex material handling environment. We understand the Indian industry and cater to its demands of increasing productivity, cost optimization and delivering results. Having developed capability to serve pan India presently delivering solutions in 21 major industrial states.

Know more about Godrej Rentrust

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Selective pallet racking

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking is the simplest & economical racking system which allows 100% accessibility to each pallet. This racking is suitable for large variety of SKU's irrespective of quantity.

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Heavy Duty shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy duty shelving is a simple storage solution which facilitates storage of non palletized items. It is ideal for large variety of medium to big sized items that can be handled manually. This enables managing flexibility of managing variety of items and higher levels can be reached by providing catwalks and multi-tier systems.

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Sector Wise Solutions

Sector Wise Solutions

Our culture of continuous learning, coupled with decades of experience in the field of 'intralogistics' has enabled us to design a best-in-class storage solution for any sector. We understand the requirement and build an optimum storage solution to ensure high storage efficiency.

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Refining Success From Aluminium

Execution is all about getting things done by people. Therefore, it is of prime importance how people are treated by their seniors and the way they treat each other. We have to accept the fact that the days of control and command are over. We can’t afford to push people against their will nor can we incentivise them enough to work together. Winning



As customers are focusing on reducing material handling costs to become competitive, buying forklifts at lowest cost is being put aside and there is a marked shift towards spending more to get greater value and reliability.


The role of digital tools in creating the logistics innovation cell

In a rapidly changing logistics world where supply chains affect one & all, market competitiveness and speed to market drives success. With market changing dynamics like GST and warehouse automation around the corner; a space for innovations was the need of the hour. So comes Godrej’s Logistics Innovation Cell, interestingly coined LOGIC at Chennai.


Don’t Ignore Peripheries for Sustained Growth

“How did Godrej Storage Solutions prepare for this upturn in the market? What strategies worked, and what did n ot?”


Winning Customers by Creating Better Experiences

Increasing competition has forced manufacturers to continually upgrade experiences delivered by their products, services and solutions.


CII Design Excellence Award 2014 for the Godrej 1.6 tonne, 3-wheel electric forklift

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Godrej Material Handling wins the Warehouse /Material Handling Company of the Year 2015 award at the 9th ELSC Leadership Awards 2015

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