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At the heart of the most eco-conscious electronic appliances spanning a multitude of industries is an energy-efficient motor. And we at Godrej Lawkim Motors strive to blend sustainability with technological progress as a leading electric motor company in India.

A Motor is the heart of any machine. Behind the successful lifestyle of many types of equipment, LAWKIM MOTORS works relentlessly behind the scenes.

Established in 1961 and acquired by Godrej & Boyce in 1977, Lawkim relies on robust manufacturing processes and stringent quality standards to cater to a global clientele spread across the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. As a strategic business unit of the Godrej Group, we focus on lean manufacturing run by an experienced group of over 100 highly skilled engineers. Our state-of-the-art facility at Shirwal near Pune has gained significance as one of the most prolific electric motor suppliers in India. Spread over 60,000 sq. m., it is equipped to produce 6 million motors annually.

Godrej Lawkim Motors, as a reliable electric motor company in India, is also the best-in-class manufacturer of specialized, indigenously developed, hermetic compressor motors, single-phase motors, custom-built three-phase motors, and components like wound stators, rotor assemblies, and laminations for various applications. The legacy here is strong. Lawkim, in its initial years, pioneered the manufacture of hermetic motor compressors in India. To date, we continue to leverage our engineering expertise to provide customers with energy-efficient solutions to everyday commercial, industrial, and domestic electronic needs.

Known among the most renowned motor manufacturers in India, we service a wide range of industries, including home appliances, air conditioning, material handling, agro-industry, machine tools, industrial automation, poultry, food processing, construction, and general-purpose applications. We also offer calibration services to various sectors of the engineering industry. This helps businesses assure and optimize the control parameters on their equipment which directly impacts the quality of production. We have established five NABL-accredited calibration laboratories in Mumbai, Pune, Vadodara, Gurugram, and Chennai to cater to the growing demands of our customers while meeting exacting global manufacturing benchmarks.

As an experienced motor manufacturing company, Godrej Lawkim Motors specializes in customized solutions and is revered for its innovative design support and manufacturing excellence. We share a strong and sustained relationship with some leading Indian Brands for their applications and likewise also provide various value-added solutions for our customers in the USA, Europe and China.

Invention and ingenuity lie at the core of Lawkim’s endeavors. We evolve by employing sustainable techniques and energies to develop new products, processes, and technologies. Our mission to ensure a brighter, greener future has led us to become one of the most trusted electric motor manufacturers in India. In this regard, our BLDC motors, IE3 motors, and single-phase specialized motors deserve a special mention as they gained immense recognition soon after their launch in the market.

There is no dearth of motor manufacturing companies in India or the world. What, then, sets Lawkim apart? It is our highest regard for customer needs, engineering capabilities, and constant innovation that cuts through the noise to cement our position in an ever-evolving business landscape. We count on our customers as key players to be world-class electric motor suppliers with competent solutions and trustworthy Partnerships for home appliances and commercial and industrial appliances. What’s more, we are prompt with our responses, adaptable, and quick to implement the latest technologies into our processes.

Consistently adding value to customer experience has been our motto since our very inception. While assuming a competitive edge helps us thrive in a volatile market, it is the former that ensures people’s enduring faith in Godrej Lawkim Motors. Out of the hundreds of motor manufacturers in India, perhaps only Lawkim has successfully brought together technical prowess, energy efficiency, and customized electronic solutions under a harmonized portfolio.

Market share in hermetic motors
NABL accredited calibration laboratories for instrumentation
Million Motor Manufacturing capacity

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The Value of Ideas

Lawkim's strong emphasis on generating world class products, innovative ideas and quality product services, has gained global recognition over the past few decades. Our work culture and professional approach towards work have helped us become proud recipients of many awards.

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New Initiatives
Electromechanical Linear Actuators Icon
Electromechanical Linear Actuators

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Solutions for Auto Sector

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Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

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Air Handling Solutions

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Best Practices
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Lawkim Recycling Policy

We master a whole spectrum of software Electronic waste (E-waste) comprises of waste electrical/electronic goods which are not fit for their originally intended use. These outdated/obsolete electrical motors found in appliances, equipment and industries can become hazardous if not discarded properly.

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Safety Everywhere for Everyone

At Lawkim, safety of employees, assets and the plant is of prime importance. That is why there is a lot of emphasis on following safe working practices. The 11 best practices in safety have enabled Lawkim to surpass 2000 safe working days. Lawkim has been recognised to have the safest manufacturing shop in India.The National Safety Council of India has awarded Lawkim for its safe practices repeatedly.

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At Lawkim, safety of employees, assets and the plant is of prime importance. That is why there is a lot of emphasis on following safe working practices. The 11 best practices in safety have enabled Lawkim to surpass 2000 safe working days. Lawkim has been recognised to have the safest manufacturing shop in India. The National Safety Council of India has awarded Lawkim for its safe practices repeatedly.

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Six Sigma

Lawkim has built an impressive body of in-house experience in implementing six sigma across its various levels of operation and businesses.We have created, translated and then trained our workmen at the shop-floor level in Hindi and Marathi in modules developed in-house a completely unique experience that gives us the ability and the cutting-edge to successfully implement Six Sigma at any level of an organization. Hands-on experience that can enhance your performance at either managerial or the shop-floor level.

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We practice Kaizen as one of the tools to pursue our Vision, Mission & Values.Every employee at Lawkim is engaged with this process to serve our customers better Year on Year Improvement in Kaizen Performance

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At Lawkim, we encourage each team member to think differently. For this, training and workshops are regularly conducted internally as well as externally with the help of experts. This inspires people to be creative and think of new and different ways of doing things.

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Chaitanya - Lawkim Newsletter

This award was in recogni5on of the efforts and contribu5ons made by the Team and cerfies Lawkim's achievement of Excellence in Opera5ons due to its implementaion of improvement ac5vi5es under Excellence in Operasonal Technology which has brought remarkable results in business, opera5onal parameters and cultural change among employees' behaviour towards improvement.

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Components to Solutions for Electric Motors

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The Journey so far..

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