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Lift Controller Access Unit

Introducing our Hotel Lift Controller Access Unit, a cutting-edge solution designed to elevate your guests' experience while prioritizing security with our versatile access control system. Customise the elevator access precisely to your hotel's requirements. Guests and staff can effortlessly navigate floors using their programmed access cards. Audit logs helps you monitor and manage guest and staff movement. The RFID card can be customised with access privileges as needed to meet the unique demands of your hotel from Staff Cards to Guest Cards and Emergency Cards. Increase your hotel's security and access management while maintaining the highest standards of convenience and hospitality.

Codes Products
8627 Catus Lift Controller + Relay 8 Floors
8626 Catus Lift 8 Floor Relay Board
Programmed Access

The guests and staff can access the floors as per the programmed card.

Audit Logs

The access history is stored in the lift control module memory

group_work Technical Specifications
  • Card access
    Staff Card, Guest card, Emergency card, etc. can be programmed as per requirement.
  • Components
    RFID Reader and Relay board
  • Input Power
    Input power of 12Volt/5Amp adaptor
  • RFID Card Access
    Operates on MIFARE Technology with frequency of 13.56MHz
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