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A Home Safety Awareness Initiative By Godrej Locks

Every hour, there are 34 cases of home robbery in India. This campaign aims to raise awareness about this alarming threat to home safety. This campaign is part of our Har Ghar Surakshit initiative.
Har Ghar Surakshit is a one-of-a-kind, nationwide home safety awareness drive by Godrej Locks. Reaching out to all Indians, the massive initiative has a singular aim: to create mass awareness of the critical need for better home safety.

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Our deep research has revealed that Indians are more concerned about digital safety than the safety of their homes. When in fact, 70% of all thefts in India are home robberies while digital theft amounts to just 30%.
Additionally, the National Crime Bureau states that there are about 1,20,000 reported home robbery cases in India every year. But in reality, when 90% of the cases go unreported, the actual numbers are truly shocking.
Through #HarGharSurakshit, we at Godrej Locks, want to make all Indians aware of the critical need for superior home safety solutions.
Become an #AgentOfSafety. Join us in this nationwide home safety awareness drive.
Be An #AgentOfSafety

Most Indian homes are vulnerable to robbery. The basic reason is an ignorance of the need to upgrade one's home safety.

You can safeguard your home by first knowing how to keep your home safe.

Become an #AgentOfSafety by learning all about home safety. Share this message so that this turns into a mass movement of home safety.

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The Pledge

I pledge to be an Agent of Safety. I will make sure that I am more aware about my home's safety henceforth. I take the responsibility of ensuring my loved one's safety. Finally, I promise to spread the message of safety and perform my duty diligently as an Agent of Safety.

I Pledge To Become An Agent Of Safety

Home Safety Week

As part of the celebrations of the Home Safety Day (15th November), we at Godrej Locks present Home Safety Week, a seven-day digital festival dedicated to all aspects of home safety. Encompassing webinars with safety experts and insightful panel discussions, Home Safety Week aims to make Har Ghar Surakshit.

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