Sherlock 60mm and 70mm
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A durable solid brass lock for your main doors, shutters and heavy duty locking needs. A solid brass body gives it extra strength and durability. Padlock is rust-resistant, ensuring smooth operation indoors and outdoors for many years. The shackle engages at both ends, providing better security for all your valuables. Shackle has convenient self-lock mechanism when pressed.

Indian Design no. 190659

Indian Patent no. 198010

Product Code Variant
7674 Sherlock 60 mm Pin Cylinder - 3 Keys (Blister)
7675 Sherlock 70 mm Pin Cylinder - 3 Keys (Blister)
7676 Sherlock 60 mm Ultra - 3 Keys (Blister)
Ideal for heavy duty applications

Protect your home or office with the sturdy and durable Sherlock.

Weather cap

A weather cover protects the keyhole from dust and grease

Durable and unpickable

Solid brass body and steel shackles give the lock extra strength and toughness. Anti-pick technology to enhance security

Hacksaw resistant

The material used is toughened to resist the strongest of attacks

Rust resistant

Ensuring smooth operation for years

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