Duralock Ultra XL+
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Duralock Ultra XL+

The best solution for locking shutters. The unique construction makes the lock crowbar resistant, providing you added security. This lock comes with advanced Ultra XL+ technology. The colour button on key aids in differentiating key of one user from the other. Bigger keyhead of Ultra XL+ key provides better grip, making it very easy to operate the lock.

Indian Design no. 285807 (Key)

Indian Patent no. 197728

Product Code Variant
4066 70 mm Duralock Ultra XL+ (3 Keys)
4067 90 mm Duralock Ultra XL+ (3 Keys)
4072 70mm Duralock Ultra XL+ with Common Key
4073 90mm Duralock Ultra XL+ with Common Key
Ultra XL+ technology

Ultra XL+ technology provides 10 Cr combinations making it very difficult to duplicate

Corrosion resistant

Strong SS304 body which is highly corrosion resistant

Crowbar resistant

Enclosed construction prevents lifting by crowbar

Hardened shackle

Hardened steel shackle provides resistance to hacksaw cutting.

Weather cap

SS weather cap prevents entry of dust.

Easy to operate

Bigger key head for better grip for ease of usage

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