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Centaur Ultra XL+

Meet the World’s first dual-motion lock designed aesthetically to give you the highest level of safety. Ultra XL+ technology with hybrid bolt motion makes the lock the most secure and crowbar resistant. In the first throw, the deadbolts are projected forward to engage with the receptacle like a conventional rim lock. In the second throw, the bolts are projected vertically outward, which then get anchored in the receptacle, like the Vertibolt. The Ultra XL+ has 14 pin technology provides 10 Cr. key combinations which makes it extremely difficult to duplicate the key. The easily reversible latch on the lock makes it relevant for both inside opening and outside opening doors. The latch puller arrest function prevents accidental lock-outs. It is available in three attractive finishes - satin nickel, antique brass and antique copper.

Product Code Variant
4450 Centaur 1CK Latchbolt -Satin Nickel
4451 Centaur 1CK Deadbolt -Satin Nickel
4452 Centaur 2C Deadbolt -Satin Nickel
4453 Centaur 1CK Latchbolt -Antique Brass
4454 Centaur 1CK Deadbolt -Antique Brass
4455 Centaur 2C Deadbolt -Antique Brass
4456 Centaur 1CK Latchbolt -Antique Copper
4457 Centaur 1CK Deadbolt -Antique Copper
4458 Centaur 2C Deadbolt -Antique Copper
Innovative design

Designed by best-in-class industrial designers with superior aesthetics.

Ultra XL+ technology

This 14 pin technology provides 10 Cr. key combinations which makes it extremely difficult to duplicate the key.

Hybrid bolt motion

World’s first dual motion technology makes the lock the most secured and crowbar resistant

The privacy knob protects your privacy from the inside

Ensures it cannot be opened from the outside, thus protecting your privacy.

Attractive Aesthetics

Simple yet elegant lock design with attractive finishes such as Satin Nickel, Antique Brass and Antique Copper.

Reversible Latch

Easy reversible latch makes lock relevant for both inside opening and outside opening doors.

Latch arrest

Easy latch puller arrest function prevents accidental lock-outs.

All brass cylinder

Corrosion free and high durable structure.


Highly durable key with easy colour identification buttons on the key.

Privacy knob

Privacy function once turned on from inside make the lock inaccessible from outside even with its own key. Simple colour identification: Green –Safety ON , Red – Safety OFF

Versatile application

Can be used for wooden single door as well as wooden double door above 25mm thickness.

Crowbar proof

The dual motion technology ensures the centaur lock is crowbar-proof.

Easy-to-use latch puller prevents accidental locking

The ergonomic latch mechanism is easy to operate and prevents accidental locking.

group_work Technical Specifications
  • Backset
  • Bolt Throw
    21mm Horizontal and 9mm Vertical
  • Door Thickness
    25mm to 90mm. Also suitable for double doors with rebate thickness of 25mm and above.
  • Finish
    Satin Nickel, Antique Copper, Antique Brass
  • Locking Mechanism
    Hybrid Bolt (Vertical + Horizontal)
  • Type
    Rim Lock
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