Rim Pin Cylinder Lock
Rim Pin Cylinder Lock-1
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Rim Pin Cylinder Lock

A tough metal rim lock for your main door that opens inside, with the dual protection of latch bolt and dead bolt. With a safety latch for enhanced security. Corrosion-resistant, ensuring smooth operation for many years.

Indian Design no. 182099

Product Code Variant
9104 Rim Lock 1CK Inside Opening - Beige Brown
9105 Rim Lock 1CK Outside Opening - Beige Brown
8351 Rim Lock 1CK Inside Opening - Metallic Satin
8352 Rim Lock 1CK Outside Opening - Metallic Satin
Optimum security

Provides basic security to your home

Double throw deadbolt

Deadbolt with a double throw and force-resistant body for added security

Privacy Function

Safety latch inside for privacy, preventing the lock from being opened from outside even with a key

Key operated

Can be opened from inside through a knob and outside with a key

group_work Technical Specifications
  • Type
    Rim Lock
  • Door backset
    60 mm
  • Door Thickness
    25 mm to 60 mm
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