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A solid Brass lock for your small locking needs such as luggage, cycles and lockers. A solid brass body gives it extra strength and durability. Padlock is rust-resistant, ensuring smooth operation indoors and outdoors for many years. The shackle engages at both ends, providing better security for all your valuables. Shackle has convenient self-lock mechanism when pressed.

Indian Design no. 190659

Indian Patent no. 198010

Product Code Variant
7672 Sherlock 40 mm Pin Cylinder (3 Keys)
Ideal for small locking needs

Protect your luggage, cycles and your doors with the sturdy and durable Sherlock 40

Sturdy body

Tough and Durable: Solid brass body and steel shackles give the lock extra strength and toughness

Hacksaw resistant

Hacksaw resistant: The material used is specially toughened to resist the strongest of attacks

Rust resistant

Rust resistant: Ensuring smooth operation for years

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