Phase isolated
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Phase isolated-HV Busduct

7.2kV to 36 kV, 60 kVp to 170 kVp Up to 25kA - Naturally air cooled, Beyond 25 kA – Forced air cooled Up to 300 kA RMS and 900 kAp

Large Generator connections to Generator Transformer (with or without a Generator Circuit Breaker) with Tap-Off connections to Unit Auxiliary Transformers, LASCVT Cubicles, Excitation Transformer Cubicles, NG Cubicles, etc.

• Ability to withstand large electro-dynamic forces during abnormal
• Operating conditions
• Ability to carry large currents

group_work Salient Features

    Conductor Support

    The Conductors is supported on 1,2,3 or 4 Sets of Insulators depending upon the diameter and the Fault Level. The Conductor is held by the insulators by a Slip Joint and allows it to move axially with respect to the enclosure to cater to differential expansion thereby reducing stress on the insulators.


    Spring Loaded Insulators

    All the support Insulators are internally Spring Loaded to allow the conductor to move in radial directions. This facilitates the Conductor to align itself to the Magnetic Centre of the enclosure during short circuit, reducing stress on the insulators.


    Insulator Replacement

    Since the Conductor is not clamped to the Support Insulator, it is possible to remove for routine maintenance or replacement without disturbing the Conductor.


    Enclosure Support

    The Enclosures of the IPB are supported on SMC/DMC insulators. The enclosure Supports are designed to allow for the expansion and contraction of enclosure during varying ambient and load conditions.



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