V Cage
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V Cage

Exhaust fans are prone to accidents due to the high fan speed. Any mishap in a high security zone, such as a vault room, is invariably associated with potential security risks that a bank cannot afford to take. The Godrej V-Cage is a protective cage that encloses the exhaust fan and reduces the risk of accidents. It has a wire mesh on one end to prevent the direct access of air to the fan. Thus, preventing unwanted material from entering the fan and jamming it. The V-Cage also protects the fan from humidity, fire and dust.

To reduce the risk of any accidents from the high speed fan, V-Cage is the protective case which encloses the exhaust fan

On the sides, the cage is enclosed with wire mesh, which prevents the direct access of air to the exhaust fan. Thus preventing any unwanted material to the fan and jam it.

It also protects the fan from humidity, fire & dust

group_work Technical Specifications
    Weight (kgs) Packaging Dimensions (cm) Colour
    Net Gross Diameter Depth  
    11 13 42 37 TA Grey


    Recommended Guidelines
    Situation Volume (A) Air changes /hr (B) Air Movement (A x B) Exhaust Fan Reqd.
    Office 20m * 10m * 3m = 600 m3 10 6000 m3/hr 3 nos. 32.7 cm/1400 rpm
    Strong Room 5m * 5m * 3m = 75m3 8 600 m3/hr 1 nos. 32.7 cm/1400 rpm


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