Smart Fog
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Smart Fog

Smart Fog is a cutting-edge security system designed to safeguard your property and loved ones from potential threats. It combines innovative technology with effective deterrence to ensure maximum protection. Smart Fog is a compact yet powerful fogging security system that works to stop intruders in their tracks. A motion sensor detects break-ins and triggers the gas While the foggy conditions last for 30-40 minutes, the low visibility (<1m) causes burglars to abandon their plans and leave the premises as quickly as possible!. Smart Fog is equipped with a state-of-the-art motion sensor that acts as the first line of defense against intruders. When an unauthorized entry is detected, the motion sensor triggers the system to take immediate action. The fogging gas used in Smart Fog is specifically formulated to be non-toxic and safe for human inhalation. This ensures that the security system poses no threat to the health of occupants, pets, or the environment. Smart Fog sets itself apart from traditional security systems in its proactive approach to deterring intruders. Instead of merely alerting you to a break-in, it actively prevents crime from escalating further. By employing cutting-edge fogging technology, Smart Fog creates an environment that leaves burglars with no choice but to retreat.

Compact & Lightweight
Compact & Lightweight

Compact lightweight cabinet with special heating system of liquid less than 2 hours

Single shot coverage
Single Shot Coverage

Single shot coverage of 600 m³

Full Room Coverage
Full Room Coverage

In 28 Sec an entire room of 600 m³ is covered

No Visibility
No Visibility

200 m³ of less than 1 m visibility


Shot characteristics is programmable in sec as per requirement

Discharge Capability
Discharge Capability

Total discharge capability with full bag of 500 ml is 850 m³

Operating Power
Operating Power

Over 1 hour of operating power without main power

group_work Technical Specifications
    General Specifications
    Compact Cabinet yes
    Weight of the fogging system 7.5 KG
    Overall packaging weight 8.5 KG
    Units on 100×120 cm pallet 36
    Dimensions of the fogging system 30 x13 xH39
    Size of the packaging 36 x19 xH45
    Colors white / black opz.
    Operating time without mains power over 1 hour
    Heating time about 2 hours
    Vertical mounting yes
    Horizontal mounting yes
    Usb port/serial for computer monitoring (Windows and Linux) yes
    Serial bus for standard protocol yes
    Alarm kit optional


    Fogging System
    New “layer” heating system yes
    Single shot coverage (visibility more than 1,5 m) 600 m3
    Single shot coverage (visibility less than 1 m) 200 m3
    Maximum emission time in a single shot 28 sec
    Total discharge capability with full bag 850 m3
    Number of bags 1
    Amount of fluid in the bag 500 ml
    Shot characteristics programmable in sec.
    Number of bags included 1
    2 cabled inputs: arming and shooting yes
    1 cabled output: fault (empty bag, low battery/lack of power supply, system failure) yes
    Serial interface RS232 yes
    Standard communication protocol yes
    Top internal riser for optional boards yes
    Side internal riser optional boards yes
    Front panel made of plastic material to simplify wireless communication yes


    Electrical Specifications
    Power supply 230 V or 120 V
    Average consumption 37 W
    Heater max power in start 170 W
    Backup battery yes


    CE certification yes
    Certified fog fluid yes
    Compliant to the current europeans regulations yes


Smart Fog
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