Face recognition system
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Facial Recognition System

Face Recognition Technology provides employees with lightning-speed access to their offices and restricted areas with face recognition technology. Face Detection increases security while maintaining high throughput for access into buildings, making the process effortless for employees. The concept of a face reader attendance machine is to collect facial biometric data from a person in front. The captured information is matched against the templates stored in the biometric database. It can be connected to a LAN and remotely managed through the Administration software. With an access controller, a face reader attendance machine can be effectively used with other Biometric (IRIS, Finger based) and card-based systems.


These face detectors offer easy installation

Hands free Access

Rs. 232, Rs. 422, Rs. 485 and IP connectivity

Security : Adjustable FAR capable of 0.000001% in 1:1 mode

Stores upto 60,000 templates

1,00,000 events for audit trail

Accommodates a range of facial positions and poor lighting condition

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