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Godrej Security Solutions Unveils 'Desh Ki Tijori' Campaign with Brand Ambassador Ayushmann Khurrana

*The brand’s latest campaign throws a spotlight on the iconic safes or lockers that Godrej has been making since 1902
*As part of the campaign, a van designed like a home locker with a smart home integrated inside will be traveling across 100 cities in India in less than 100 days

Mumbai, 4th October 2023: Synonymous with the Indian ‘Tijori’ – Godrej Security Solutions today unveiled their latest campaign ‘Desh Ki Tijori’ with Bollywood star and brand ambassador Ayushmann Khurrana. The brand that is a business unit of Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group has been focusing on innovations and tech enabled solutions through their platform Secure 4.0.

The ‘Desh Ki Tijori’ campaign communicates how since the first made in India Locker by Godrej in 1902 to the latest digital lockers, the product is one that stands out in India’s households. Mr. Pushkar Gokhale, Senior Vice President & Business head, Godrej Security Solutions spoke of how in today's evolving landscape, where aesthetics and home décor often take centre stage by the home owners it's vital to educate consumers about the importance of prioritizing home security without waiting for an unprecedented event to happen. In addition to that, as the trend of smart home devices continues, it is imperative that home security brands are also enabled with smart home technology, since consumers today are opting for more tech-integrated solutions.

The smart home designed inside the van showcases a comprehensive range of smart home security products ranging from home security lockers, video door phones, to home security cameras and CCTV cameras. The Smart home inside the Van represents a powerful initiative that is aimed at inspiring and guiding home owners toward adopting smarter home security solutions and prioritising home security.

Mr. Pushkar Gokhale, Senior Vice President & Business head, Godrej Security Solutions, stated: “As a brand, that has relentlessly worked towards securing not only Indian Homes, but also contributed towards Security of key sectors like Banking, Jewellery, Hospitality and many more, I’m glad to see positive vibes in response to our innovations that we are unveiling under the Secure 4.0 umbrella.

As one of India’s most iconic brands, the thought behind ‘Desh Ki Tijori’ was to showcase a product that people have trusted many decades, and a category which is constantly evolving with changing consumer needs driven by the threat landscape.

As a part of this initiative, we have designed “four (4) Vans” specifically to showcase our latest home security innovations and these Vans shall be embarking upon a journey across East, West, North and South starting with Mumbai. Our target is to cover 100 cities in India in less than 100 days and spread awareness around the Home Security Space, and help our customers to make the right decision.” said Mr Pushkar Gokhale, Senior Vice President, Business Head – Godrej Security Solutions.

I am extremely pleased that our Brand ambassador Ayushmann is here with us today, as he echoes our thoughts to the Indian Homes, about the importance of investment in Security, to ensure one’s Peace of Mind.”

Ayushmann Khurrana, – Bollywood star & Brand Ambassador, Godrej Security Solutions, “As someone who travels a lot and spends so much time outside the home, I completely understand the value of security of my home and it’s surroundings. Like so many Indians, I too have grown up with Godrej in my home, in some form or the other and it’s truly an honour to be associated with Godrej Security Solutions. I remember an old ‘tijori’ that my family had and it was seen as the epitome of securing valuables in the house. Today, as I want more tech enabled and digitally savvy products I am so glad I can still trust a Godrej ‘Tijori’ for my ‘peace of mind’ but only I have a very cool digital locker with biometric scanners. This is exactly what today’s campaign is about, that the tijori or the Godrej home locker has constantly been evolving. And I’m so thrilled to see how Godrej Security Solutions is focusing on innovations constantly not only for our homes but for India overall. Because as a consumer we are linked directly or indirectly. We will want our home locker and bank locker to be secured by the best after all!”

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and security, Godrej Security Solutions continues to redefine industry standards by introducing advanced products that address the evolving needs of businesses and individuals. Secure 4.0 is a continuation of the initiative by Godrej Security Solutions to spread awareness around the change in type of threats and making users conscious about upgrading to the best security measures.


Product portfolio:

The New Matrix Locker represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and technology, offering two distinct variants: the Key Lock and the Digital Lock. The Key Lock variant introduces a groundbreaking Dual Control Lock mechanism, which enhances security significantly. On the other hand, the Digital Lock version provides a range of security options, including User Code, Master Code, and an essential Override key. This dual-layered security approach ensures that only authorized individuals can gain access to the meticulously designed interior of the Matrix Locker. Inside, you'll find an interior that's been thoughtfully designed to meet your needs. It features adjustable toughened glass shelves and intelligent lighting, making it easy to organize and access your belongings efficiently. Matrix Locker goes above and beyond in terms of security. It incorporates Double Wall Protection with an Armour plate, creating a Defense against external threats. In addition, the Auto Freeze feature further bolsters security by suspending access after repeated failed attempts, thwarting any unauthorized entry attempts effectively. What sets Matrix Locker apart is its adaptability. It's compatible with a GSM Module, External Hooter, and I-Warn sensor, allowing you to create a comprehensive and customizable security system tailored to your specific requirements. This adaptability makes Matrix Locker a true embodiment of security and functionality.

The I-Warn sensor, in particular, adds an extra layer of security, instantly notifying homeowners of any unauthorized access or tampering with the locker. The New Matrix Locker isn't just a safe; it's a fortress of security for your most precious belongings.

Smart Fog is one of a kind and first ever concept to be introduced in Indian market. It is a brilliant fogging security system that effectively halts intruders. This revolutionary product adds an extra layer of protection to the overall security ecosystem of jewellers. It utilizes advanced technology to detect unauthorized attempts to open any vault or safe. It is equipped with remote cloud-based application as well as wireless technology for triggering the system. When triggered, Smart Fog emits a thick fog made of concentrated liquefied glycol – harmless to humans but capable of causing panic and immobilizing the culprit owing to zero visibility, allowing ample of time to the on-site personnel to take necessary measures.

Facial Recognition System integrated with Godrej Swing Lane Barrier - It increases security while maintaining high throughput for access into buildings, making the process effortless for employees. The face recognition reader authenticates the person against the templates stored in the database up to a distance of 4mtrs, making it a "walk through reader". It can be connected to a LAN and remotely managed through the Administration software. Some of the key advantages of a Facial Recognition system are Live and Fake Face detection, It provides authentication with or without mask, multi face authentication with users walks through gates

Face Recognition System can be integrated into Swing Lane barrier to improve accuracy of authorised access. Godrej Swing Lane barrier is an innovative pedestrian control technology that is designed to achieve best balance between quality, performance and affordability. GSLB series provide a combination of reliable mechanical as well as electronic restriction for unauthorized visitor while still maintain a welcoming atmosphere. Standard cabinet cladding in stainless 304 finish, optional finish in GOLD or any colour suitable for existing aesthetic lobby


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