Godrej Sustainability Report

Enhancing farmer income While agriculture is the primary occupation in Shirwal region, it was observed that agriculture productivity per unit was very low as compared to state’s average crop yields. To help the local families get more income from their lands, G&B partnered with NGO-AWARD for implementation of multiple income enhancing intervention activities. The activities undertaken are targeted towards the following: • Reducing the input cost - Activities include formation of common ‘Farm Equipment Bank’ to reduce per acre labour cost, vermicomposting beds to reduce pesticide and fertilizer cost • Increase the yield - New farming techniques in collaboration with local agriculture department are promoted to increase the crop yield. Also, crops having more market value are promoted • Organic Farming - Creation of demo plots to encourage more farmers to go for organic farming, thereby improving the value of produce. • Augmenting income through farm allied businesses - Farmers are encouraged to take up additional activities like poultry, goat rearing, vermicomposting in addition to regular farming. These activities can also be spear headed by women in the family The project was started in 2018 for farmers with small land holding. In the first year, 190 farmers were covered under various initiatives. The Company plans to cover around 300 farmers in the next 3 years. Farmer in Shirwal using wheat harvester made available through farm equipment bank supported by Godrej 75