Godrej Sustainability Report

Environment Centric projects With environment being one of its core values, G&B also focusses on environment sustainability projects as a part of its CSR programme. The environment projects are centred around increasing the forest cover. A major project of plantation of 7,000 trees was completed in Khalapur region, where 6 hectares of barren land available with forest Improving access to water Water is one of the basic amenities for livelihood and every citizen has a right to have an easy access to water. G&B had always endeavoured to work towards improving water sufficiency and quality in the villages in and around its areas of operations. The initiatives range from enabling collection, recharging of ground water level, restoration and rejuvenation of existing water bodies, construction of water storages based on current and future needs, creation of water distribution system and water filtration to make it suitable for drinking. All these projects have been taken up with active support and contribution from the gram panchayats and local households. Under this programme, the Company has worked on creating three check dams, three water tanks and one well in Khalapur region which has led to water storage of more than 2 lakh litres. The water tanks were fitted with water filters wherever quality was not found to be fit for drinking purpose. In Bhiwandi 2 water tanks of 5000 liters along with water filters were installed to enable water access to remotely situated Tribal hamlets. In Shirwal region 2 water bodies were created under the government program of Jal Yukta Shivar. department was covered with plants of indigenous variety. In carrying out this activity the local community was involved in the plantation and thereafter will be responsible for the maintenance as well. The project duration is 5-7 years to ensure proper nurture of trees ensuring good survival rate. Varied capacity water tanks built at Khalapur village of Tambati & Vadval. 74