Godrej Sustainability Report

Biodiversity management that began as Godrej family’s philanthropy is now integrated into organization’s policy, processes and infrastructure management. G&B has Corporate Environment Policy which explicitly mentions "Protection, conservation and enhancement of green cover and biodiversity". G&B has established dedicated support services such EES (Environmental Sustainability), HMS (Green Cover Management) and WMS to translate its policy into action and outputs. These teams follow same qualitative and quantitative processes, performance indicators, monitoring mechanisms to ensure professional outputs. These teams are responsible for management of campuses, employee initiatives and community initiatives beyond Godrej campuses. The biodiversity management initiatives also consider Godrej's commitments as a responsible corporate citizen under various certifications and initiatives such as CII Code for Ecologically Sustainable Business, India Business & Biodiversity Initiative (IBBI) etc. Each biodiversity management activity has qualitative and quantitative targets. The progress of each task is reviewed every week, quarterly and annually. Annual budgeting exercise ensures financial sustainability of activities. Commitment for biodiversity conservation BIODIVERSITY Substantial area of Godrej campus in Vikhroli is covered by mangrove ecosystem. Mangrove management is based on three-pronged approach of Research, Conservation and Awareness. Biodiversity management in the campus is approached as highlighted below • Increase in green cover, indigenous species and biodiversity index of the campus • Stringent pollution monitoring and control mechanisms and targets • ‘Beyond the Compliance’ approach for biodiversity management • Active engagement of internal and external stakeholders in environment management and community development Highlights of biodiversity management initiatives Key Measures for biodiversity management KEY MEASURES IMPACT (FY 17, 18, 19) 150 sq. meter 2 trees 6,000 trees Enhancement in green cover Enhancement in green cover 4 trees 60 trees Conservation of native biodiversity Conservation of biodiversity 43 trees 5,000 trees Increasing tree lifespan Soil conservation Approximately 1,00,000 Avoiding adverse impacts on biodiversity Avoiding man-wildlife conflict Enhancing water availability to biodiversity Maintaining stability of slope by plantation and soil treatment Treatment of Indian Rubber Tree ( Ficus elastica ) Afforestation at Donvat, Khalapur in collaboration with Maharashtra Forest Department, Gram Panchayat and other local stakeholders Tree conservation by monitoring, treating and filling up cavities Tree conservation by root restructuring along service lines to ensure tress & utility infrastructure co-exist Transplanting trees to avoid cutting during infrastructure development Tree plantation for legal compliance Pruning of invasive species to restrict their proliferation Monitoring species density for scheduled maintenance activities Making a permeable area at the tree base to ensure natural water supply to reduce need of watering Indigenous tree seed collection to propagate green cover and enhance ratio of indigenous species Treating and filling up cavities made by birds, infection etc. Retaining plantation soil by making barriers Research on carbon sequestration by terrestrial green cover of Godrej campus, Vikhroli Zero Waste to Landfill initiative through Integrated Waste Management System Creating 15 artificial water holes for biodiversity along the Mangroves Water recharging, conservation, recycling and reusing to make Godrej ‘Water Positive’ campus 49