Godrej Sustainability Report

The Vikhroli mangroves, one of the largest mangrove forests in Maharashtra, stores more than 6,95,000 tonnes of carbon, mostly from pollutants that humans release into the atmosphere. Godrej's Pirojshanagar Township inhabited and used by 50,000 employees, residents and visitors every day, spread across Vikhroli in Mumbai is a role model of integrated sustainable habitat with more than 1,200-hectare mangrove forest thriving along with industrial plants, commercial offices, schools, hospital and residential colonies. Godrej mangrove boasts of 16+ mangrove and mangrove associate species, 82 butterfly species, 45+ spider species, 208 bird species, 13 crab species, 7 prawn species and 20 fish species and several other terrestrial and coastal species. The terrestrial flora of Godrej campus has been documented, conserved and enhanced over the decades. In 2017-18 G&B added 2.2 acres of green cover to Pirojshanagar campus. One of the main features of mangrove trees is that they sequester more carbon than most of the terrestrial plants. Due to proper protection, over the years, the green cover has increased, which is why the biodiversity of the area is also increasing. G&B's Wetland Management Services (WMS) and Horticulture Management Services (HMS) departments are responsible for conservation and management of mangrove and terrestrial ecosystem, respectively. No mangrove area of Pirojshanagar has been reclaimed. In 2017-18, HMS collected 5,000 seeds of various indigenous plant species which are being used for plantation. Glimpses of Biodiversity at in Godrej Vikhroli Campus REPTILIAN BIODIVERSITY Number of snake, gecko, lizard species: 31 INSECT BIODIVERSITY Number of butterfly species: 82 Number of other insect species: 75+ species ARACHNID BIODIVERSITY Number of spider species: 81 AVAIAN BIODIVERSITY Number of nesting bird species: 72 Number of total bird species: 208 WILD MAMMAL BIODIVERSITY Number of mammals species: 6 FLORA Number of tree species: 167 Number of shrub species: 287 Number of palm species: 28 Number of fern species: 51 Number of climber species: 113 Number of cacti species: 162 Number of succulent species: 190 Number of aromatic & medicinal species: 187 Number of true mangrove & mangrove associate species: 16 Total Plant species: 1185 AQUATIC BIODIVERSITY Number of fish species: 22 Number of crab species: 13 Number of prawn species: 7 50 All Scientific Names in Italics Acanthus ilicifolius Sea Holly Mongoose Wild Boar Rhizophra mucronata: Red Mangrove Excoecaria agallocha: Milky Mangrove Avicennia marina: Grey Mangrove Red whiskered Bulbul Painted Grasshopper Kingfisher Telescopium (Mollusca) Common Rat snake Sonneratia apetala: Mangrove Apple Salvadora persica: Meswak Fiddler Crab Bruguiera cylindrica: Orange Mangrove