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Unlocking Excellence: Godrej Introduces the New Matrix Locker, AccuGold & SmartFog in Hyderabad

~ Godrej Security Solutions proudly hosted Secure 4.0—an event that spotlighted the foremost advancements in home & institutional security from the renowned brand. ~

Hyderabad, 17 August 2023: The iconic Godrej ‘Tijori’ has evolved over the years as the market grew and the appetite for digital integration in products. The product unveiled at Secure 4.0 by Godrej Security Solutions was the perfect example of that. The All New Matrix seamlessly blends robust security with exquisite aesthetics. Its design not only ensures robust security but also adds a touch of sophistication to the consumer’s space. The inception of the new Matrix locker originated from recognizing consumers' aspiration for a home storage solution that not only radiated a premium design but also heightened aesthetics, effectively meeting their longing for a locker option that boasts enhanced visual appeal.

Godrej Security Solutions, a business of Godrej & Boyce the flagship company of the Godrej Group, today in Hyderabad, highlighted their commitment to the Hyderabad market as it has been one of the fastest growing markets and is growing at a CAGR of 15% Year on Year expanding with a focus on the jeweller community. The range of innovations showcased at the Secure 4.0 included ‘SmartFog’ which is a powerful fogging security system enabled to stop intruders in their tracks. It also showcased the new Matrix locker which is compatible with the I Warn sensor to provide an additional layer of security that alerts homeowners whenever unauthorized access or tampering with lockers occurs.

Mr. Pushkar Gokhale, Business Head, Godrej Security Solutions, said, “At Godrej Security Solutions we are committed to continuously innovate and deliver effective solutions to meet the changing security needs of our customers.

Over the last few years, we have witnessed growth and demand for integrated security products range in Hyderabad. The launch of the “New Matrix Home Locker with I Warn” and 'SmartFog' marks a significant milestone in the evolution of security solutions. We have studied the region and have understood the needs and challenges faced by our customers. We have invested heavily in R&D and are able to unveil such state-of-the-art security solutions that will further strengthen and safeguard both, institutions, as well as Homes. We are thrilled to present breakthrough products as a part of our Secure 4.0 initiative and believe that these solutions shall also empower jewellers with unparalleled protection and peace of mind."

Hyderabad has been one of the emerging markets for institutional security with a focus on the jeweller’s community, due to their wide presence, triggered by the unmatched appetite for Gold. Best-in-class After Sales Service is a Hallmark of Godrej Security Solutions. We achieve this through our robust Service infrastructure, our network of Channel Partners and Authorized Service Providers who reach out to the interiors of Hyderabad. In line with our ongoing initiative to increase customer touchpoints, we have recently setup an Experience Centre in Banjara Hills, where customers from all segments can experience truly 360-degree offerings in the space of security. We are confident that these 3 innovative offerings will aid the brand to successfully spearhead and play significant role in growth across Hyderabad’s fast-growing Institutional and Home security category.

Mr Gokhale Further added, “We are also doing an Awareness campaign focusing on Insurance Claims. It has come to our notice that while taking insurance coverage, many times Business establishments lack awareness about the Inclusions and exclusions of the insurance policies to which they sign-up. If they were to read the fine print, there is a clear mention of the fact that Insurance does not cover any Cash which is not kept inside a Safe. Also, while considering insurance for Cash, it is critical that a Safe is installed, else the claims in the event of theft of cash would not be considered by the Insurance Company. Our Awareness campaign essentially is to ensure that businesses are equipped with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and safeguard their financial interests effectively.”

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and security, Godrej Security Solutions continues to redefine industry standards by introducing advanced products that address the evolving needs of businesses and individuals. Secure 4.0 is a continuation of the initiative by Godrej Security Solutions to spread awareness around the change in type of threats and making users conscious about upgrading to the best security measures.


Product portfolio:

The new Matrix Locker is a true representation of superior craftsmanship and advanced technology. It comes up in 2 exceptional variants: KeyLock and Digital Lock. The Key Lock variant boasts a ground-breaking Dual Control Lock, while the Digital Lock version is equipped with User Code, Master Code, and an indispensable Override key option. This dual-layer security ensures that only authorized individuals gain access to your treasures. It is aesthetically and meticulously designed. It comes with Premium Interiors that are graced with adjustable toughened glass shelves and an intelligent lighting system. It is compatible with an I warn sensor that acts as an extra security layer, notifying homeowners in case of any unauthorized access or tampering with lockers. It has a Double Wall Protection with an Armour plate that forms a great barrier against any external threat. Matrix offers an Auto Freeze that strengthens the security by automatically freezing access for a period of time after incorrect attempts. Furthermore, it is compatible with GSM Module, External Hooter that enables in creating a comprehensive security ecosystem that can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

Smart Fog is one of a kind and first ever concept to be introduced in Indian market. It is a brilliant fogging security system that effectively halts intruders. This revolutionary product adds an extra layer of protection to the overall security ecosystem of jewellers. It utilizes advanced technology to detect unauthorized attempts to open any vault or safe. It is equipped with remote cloud-based application as well as wireless technology for triggering the system. When triggered, Smart Fog emits a thick fog made of concentrated liquefied glycol – harmless to humans but capable of causing panic and immobilizing the culprit owing to zero visibility, allowing ample of time to the on-site personnel to take necessary measures.

AccuGold is the Gold Testing Machine by Godrej to determine gold purity with the highest accuracy. This machine is designed to give you the composition of the ornament under testing, without damaging the ornament. Whether you are a jeweler, a bank or a financial institution, this machine is the perfect addition to your business.