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~The company treats over 100,000 kilolitres of wastewater per day in Shirwal, Maharashtra

Mumbai, September 25, 2023: Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, has over the years, taken aggressive steps to achieve their water conservation goals. The 126-year-old organisation continues to maintain their relentless effort towards building a greener planet through their unique and scalable water conservation programs, among many others. With initiatives in water collection facilitation, groundwater level recharging and existing water body restoration, the company has provided over 100 million litres of water to the rural and remote communities in Maharashtra, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu.

These water conservation projects are done in partnership with the local community to increase ownership and thus, sustainability of the projects. The company has recently partnered with renowned environmental activist, Arun Krishnamurthy and his NGO, Environmentalist Foundation of India, to restore the Thirumullaivoyal and Kosapur pond at Chennai.

Another community pond that the company has revived is in Chunni Kalan village in Mohali, Punjab. It has partnered with the Sehgal Foundation, the local community and the village panchayat to rejuvenate a pond with a carrying capacity of 1.67 million litres of usable water, that can be accessed by 10 families that live around it. A further 140 families in the pond’s vicinity will get a clean environment and channelled waste-water disposal.

The natural ponds rejuvenated at Chennai and Mohali have a cumulative capacity of nearly 79 million litres of water.

Ashwini Deodeshmukh, Head of CSR at Godrej & Boyce, commented, “In line with our commitment to sustainability and social transformation, we have focused on strengthening the water security of underserved regions. Our projects are a testament to how local action can contribute to the overall well-being of marginalised people and communities. The ponds that we have rejuvenated not only improve access to clean water for communities but also protects them against future calamities. For instance, one of the major features of the ponds restored at Chunni Kalan and Kosapur is inclusion of groundwater recharging wells which are significant in restoring the groundwater levels. Therefore, rejuvenating ponds, creating water storage and filtration facilities and treating wastewater does more than enable access – it creates a healthier environment, supports biodiversity, and instils a sense of ownership and responsibility within the community. Godrej & Boyce has also constructed check-dams in villages located in Khalapur, Maharashtra. These dams have been instrumental in containing soil erosion, enhancing water supply and restoring watersheds for irrigation at their locations.

The company has further created wastewater treatment plants at Shirwal which treat up to 1 lakh kilolitres of water per day. Wastewater treatment not just safeguards natural water sources from contamination, but also bolsters socio-economic development, improves health outcomes, create pathways for women’s participation in economic activities, and elevates the quality of life in underserved communities.

The company’s CSR initiatives for improving the water security of communities are rooted in its processes and practices. The 12 billion litres of water that Godrej & Boyce has saved within and beyond the fence since 2010 is a testament to its long history of water stewardship.