Our Vision for Vikhroli

Vikhroli has been integral to the history of the Godrej Group. In the 1940s, my great grandfather, Pirojsha Godrej dreamed of creating a modern and forward-looking industrial township. This was realised in a series of world-class manufacturing units, which crafted hundreds of quality products. For the first time in India and as one of a handful of global examples, Vikhroli offered an environment where the workers building Godrej products could flourish and develop themselves. Housing, schooling and healthcare for all, along with a well-planned and naturally beautiful location ensured that Vikhroli offered all Godrejites a unique and a progressive environment.

It is now time for the next phase of this vision. It is time to build on the present and enrich the future. We will do this by developing Vikhroli into a progressive and integrated mini-city with a quality of design, planning and execution that has largely been missing from modern India's urban life. Our dream is big and we have started on the first small steps towards it. Our first phase of development, The Trees, has the recently completed headquarters for the Godrej Group, Godrej One, and will also offer world-class residential, hospitality, retail, and cultural facilities to its residents.

We understand that great buildings alone do not make a great destination. In the midst of a thriving urban metropolis, Vikhroli offers a natural oasis with mangroves thriving across 2,000 acres - nearly three times the size of New York's famed Central Park - ensuring a lasting and deep connection to nature. We are totally committed to building on the natural beauty of the site, so Vikhroli testifies that urban life and natural beauty can exist in perfect harmony.

Three quarters of a century ago, it was important to our predecessors to build a progressive social environment to accompany the modern industrial development they had planned at Vikhroli. Similarly, creating a social fabric for a new age to go along the physical form is of paramount importance to us.

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