Godrej typewriters find new meaning

The typewriter is an innovation Godrej is very proud of. In 1955, we were the first company in Asia to manufacture our own manual typewriter, Godrej Prima. This was a remarkable achievement for a young industrial India, given it was designed and executed by Indian engineers.

To add to this, we were the last company in the world to be manufacturing typewriters. We ultimately shut down our production plant in Mumbai in 2011, with a few hundred machines left in stock.

Given this legacy, in 2015, we commissioned Godrej's first artist-in-residence, Jeremy Mayer, to convert a batch of Arabic typewriters into sculptures.

California-based Mayer, works exclusively with typewriters as his medium. Using parts sourced from 60 of our classic Godrej Prima typewriters - the last batch of manual typewriters manufactured in the world - he created an extraordinary 13-foot-tall installation.

Mayer welded a few parts together for his kinetic lotus sculpture because it was mechanical. The installation unfurls its petals at the beginning of the work day (9 AM) and closes at the end of the day (6 PM). He assembled the installation, with the help of former students of JJ School of Arts and Raffles Design International.

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