Godrej Sure Chill creates lifesaving medical refrigeration

According to UNICEF, over half the vaccines in the world are affected due to improper storage and cooling. Vaccines require to be stored an optimal temperature of 4 degree Celsius, from the time of manufacturing to administering them. Next to actually creating the vaccines, storing them safely is the hardest task.

The secret to keeping vaccines safe came to engineer extraordinaire, Ian Tansley, during a chilly stroll in Wales. He wondered why, if hot water rises, the top of a lake was frozen, but not the bottom. So, he studied the natural properties of water and discovered that water is heaviest at 4 degree Celsius. At any other temperature, it rises.

Tansley spent almost a decade founding his Snowdonia-based firm, Sure Chill. How does Sure Chill work? It's quite simple, actually - it functions by cooling water around a compartment. The cool water rises, forming ice and cooling the contents to a perfect 4 degree Celsius. The most brilliant thing, however, is the fact that even during a power outage, the ice gradually melts, keeping the contents cool for an invaluable 30 days.

Godrej's partnership with Sure Chill has caught the attention of organizations like UNICEF, WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In a country like India, where several areas face power shortages and a serious lack of cold storage supply chains, Godrej Sure Chill could prove to be a lifesaver.

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