Saloni - Beautician training for low income women

One of the three pillars of our Godrej Good & Green vision for 2020 is around creating a more employable Indian workforce. We want to train 1 million rural and urban youth in skills that will enhance their earning potential. So, we are working in collaboration with the government, NGOs and social enterprises to design and run a number of different employability training programmes. These include training in beauty and hair care, sales and rural entrepreneurship. The focus of the programmes is to improve the earning potential of our graduates, through skill building. We also help facilitate self-employment or job placements.

While women form a significant proportion of India's workforce, they are largely concentrated in the informal sector. They are also, for the most part, engaged in vocations characterised by low earning and productivity, poor working conditions and no social protection. Saloni, our largest employability training programme, was launched in January 2012, with a view to help address these issues. A 240-hour, 3-month beautician training programme for women in beauty, skin and hair care, Saloni has grown significantly over the last few years and we are looking to ramp up these efforts.

21 partners, 185 centers across 17 Indian states.

Impacted 40,185 rural and urban women across India.

Close to 75% of Saloni graduates work as freelancers or micro entrepreneurs.

Through our partnerships, we have been been able to help 370 women find jobs in recognised parlour chains.

Learn more about our Good & Green initiatives here.

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