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76% of the Nursing Staff suffer from back pains and other musculoskeletal disorders finds a Godrej Interio survey

~Launches a new hospital bed ‘Chrysalis Nova Activ’ to address the pressing needs of caregivers and aid in patient recover.

~ Chrysalis Nova Activ is a premium product designed for the highest degree of care for patients in the spectrum of Intensive Care to Post-Operative Care.

Mumbai, 28th July 2021: Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, announced that its business Godrej Interio, India’s leading furniture solutions brand, in home and institutional segments, today launched the Chrysalis Nova Activ - The Intelligent Sense Bed for modern Healthcare spaces. With this new addition to the Chrysalis range of hospital beds, Godrej Interio is addressing the need for patient safety and the wellbeing of caregivers with the introduction of the Lateral Tilt Feature which can be accessed through the digital touch attendant control panel, among several other intuitive features.

During the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lack of healthcare infrastructure not only took its toll on the patients, but also pushed tired nurses and caregivers to their limits. This physical toil, especially across the extended shifts during the peak of the pandemic could lead to healthcare staff developing long-term musculoskeletal disorders. According to a study conducted during the pandemic by Godrej Interio's Workspace and Ergonomics Research Cell, this strenuous work environment leads to back pains and other muscular skeletal disorders in 76% of the nursing staff. Further, in case of patients, long stay in ICU wards can result in bed sores and other skin ailments.

Apart from the long hours, their work as caregivers can be quite physical. They need to turn the patients so they don’t develop sores, or move them to different beds. If a patient needs to be moved to the ICU or another ward, nurses need to physically shift them. An upgrade in infrastructure can cut down that statistic, drastically. For the same reason, companies in India are today manufacturing cleverly-designed, easy-to-use hospital beds that can improve outcomes for all stakeholders - from patients to caregivers.

As a solution to this problem, hospital beds like Godrej Interio’s Chrysalis Nova Activ comes with an intelligent technology which aids in the overall positioning of the bed, facilitates lateral tilt function which is accessible via a digital touch attendant control panel. Such technology makes room for hospitals to effectively manage their time and infrastructure, thereby enabling them to treat more patients. In addition to addressing the needs of nurses and caregivers, it improves patient comfort as the lateral tilt relieves pressure from sores and ulcers. Furthermore, it also ensures patient safety, tilting only when the sideboards are closed, and activating an alarm in the event the bed does not sense weight. The Chrysalis range is a premium and feature-loaded solution designed for ICCU, ICU, and super-specialty hospitals requiring high care.

On the new product launch, Anil Mathur, Chief Operating Officer Godrej Interio said, “At Godrej Interio, it has been our mission to enrich the quality of life every day everywhere. The Indian healthcare sector is growing at a brisk pace due to its strengthening of its coverage, services, and increasing expenditure by public as well as private players. However, it lacks in healing environments that focus on providing utmost comfort and safety to patients while handling challenges faced by caretakers especially in high care areas like the ICCUs, ICUs. At Godrej Interio, we continue to work on innovations that address the unique challenges faced by the healthcare industry and the Chrysalis Nova Activ is testament to it. This bed is designed with intuitive features such as the Lateral Tilt which eases the physical toll that would otherwise be borne by the dedicated nursing staff and provide healing environments for enhanced patient care. At Godrej Interio, we take great pride in continuously innovating to uplift the quality of experience at healthcare facilities.”

Sameer Joshi, Associate Vice President, Godrej Interio said, “The healthcare revenue in India is expected to reach $372 billion in 2022, posting a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 22% since 2016, according to the World Health Organization. However, the healthcare facilities in India are often incompatible with changing needs. Godrej Interio’s Healthcare business focuses on creating environments that support patients and families in process of healing. These ergonomically designed healing environments focus on the efficiency, empathy, and wellbeing of all stakeholders including patients, caregivers, and doctors. The newly launched Chrysalis Nova Activ hospital bed highlights our design philosophy which is based on adopting a human-centric approach and using adaptive space solutions for improved patient-doctor interaction.”

Chrysalis Nova Activ is a one stop solution for the areas in the super specialty hospitals requiring high care – ICCU, ICU, etc. This bed has the potential to drastically reduce the weight of a caregiver’s workload especially during the crunch cases, especially those battling COVID-19.

About Godrej Interio:
Godrej Interio (GI) is India’s premium furniture brand in both home and institutional segments with a strong commitment to sustainability and centers of excellence in design, manufacturing, and retail.

Led by the largest in-house design team in the country in the furniture category and awarded with 37 India Design Mark Awards to date, GI aims to transform spaces with its thoughtfully designed furniture to create brighter homes and offices with products that have the highest design quotient in aesthetics, functionality, and technology. With a consistent pursuit of excellence and a special focus on health and ergonomics, GI’s product portfolio comprises a massive range.

Today, we design and manufacture furniture for office spaces, homes, educational institutes, healthcare facilities, laboratories, and more. Along with furniture, we offer Audio Visual, and 360 Degree Turnkey solutions. Each of our product range revolves around comfort and aesthetics while delivering well-designed, fun, and functional furniture solutions. Briefly, Godrej Interio transforms dream spaces to life!

Godrej Interio has 7 manufacturing facilities situated at Mumbai, Khalapur, Haridwar, Shirwal, and Bhagwanpur. GI’s Shirwal Plant is Green Co Platinum Certified, and Mumbai Plants are Green Co Gold Certified. GI is widely known for its comprehensive sustainability certifications for its products in the furniture category.

GI's commitment to the environment has resulted in manufacturing products with a lesser environmental footprint. Our pioneering efforts include designing less environment burdening products, usage of eco-friendly materials and setting up less polluting and consuming processes, ensuring eco-friendly packaging and transportation, and finally the extended responsibility of recycling/reuse of used furniture and scrap, thus ensuring a lifecycle approach to the green. GI has the widest range of green choices for our customers which not only includes products but also services such as green interiors and recycling.

Currently present in over 650 cities with 250 exclusive showrooms and 800 dealers, GI is one of the largest businesses of Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., part of the Godrej Group, one of India's largest engineering and customer product groups.

The brand boasts of noteworthy awards received so far- CII Exim Bank Award for Business Excellence 2016, Superbrands 2017-18, Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand 2018 Gold (Home Furniture and Modular Kitchen), TRA’s India’s Most Consumer-focused brand 2019, GreenCo Star Performer Award 2019, National Energy Leader Award at CII National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2018.

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