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Building Simulation Services
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Building Simulation Services

Building simulation is a design assistance tool which helps in creating climate responsive building design in order to provide comfort conditions using passive strategies, resulting in energy savings and comfortable & productive spaces.

We conduct whole building simulation to assist architects, consultants and project team to decide on design strategies, improving / achieve overall energy efficiency, selection of building materials and reducing the operation cost of a project.

We have been providing simulation services to all types of building viz; residential, commercial office buildings, factories, data centres hospitals etc.

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    Following micro-climate studies can be conducted for projects:


    Sun Path & Shading Analysis

    The project site plan is analysed for different times of the day and different times of the year based on the sun’s path for the particular location. Based on the analysis, inference can be drawn as to how much percentage of the façade is shaded during particular time of the day. Suggestions will be given on the critical facades which requires shading elements, type of shading and dimensions of the shading elements required. Also, shading on the site level due to buildings and sun movement for the particular location is studied. The same helps in planning the location of water bodies, vegetation (landscape + trees), amenities, seating spaces, club house, pedestrian walkways in accordance with the same.  The overall intent of the study will be to provide comfortable exterior spaces for users by mitigating heat islands effect.


    Solar Insolation Analysis

    The project is analysed to understand the exposure of building surfaces to direct solar radiation. The amount of solar radiation falling onto the building surface is directly proportional to the heat gain of the building. Hence it is analysed to assist the project team in space planning and choose the best suitable envelope materials (Wall/ insulation/ glass) to reduce the heat ingress into the building.


    Wind Analysis

    This analysis involves study of wind flow on site due to the structures adjacent to the project site and the cluster of buildings within the project site. Based on the study, the vegetation, building position, orientation can be planned / modified to enhance the wind flow and maximum utilization of the wind. In case of residential buildings, the wind flow for residential units can also be analysed to help design unit openings so as to provide optimum ventilation of spaces.


    Daylight Analysis

    The project building is evaluated using daylight simulation software to analyse the usable natural daylight available in regularly occupiable spaces. The day lighting analysis would help the project team to determine the areas that are well daylit throughout its operation and suggest them various options to achieve the same. Excess daylight (or) glare would also be analysed and suggestions on window area, glass specification and shading element would be provided to reduce the glare. Daylight is also analysed from the perspective of LEED / IGBC / GRIHA compliance.

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