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Lighting /Power Trunking

Lighting Trunking – Powering workstation
Rating – Power Track -63 A, 415 Volt, 230 Volts, Available in 1 Phase and, 3Phase, With single Circuit and Dual circuit
Electrak has been designing manufacturing cost effective system that distribute power reliably and safely through out the workplace. The Product manufacturing based situation at UK and Godrej represent this product range since Year 2005 in India.
It is better solution than traditional wiring, Quicker installation, plug and play power distribution, more reliable and no site manual termination. Product can be reused and relocate as per today's changing needs of office space. The power distributed to work station through main parts i.e., Power track , tap offs and Desk modules
Application– All type of office workstation

Lighting Trunking System – with Control solution
Rating - 25A to 40A, 1Phase, 3Phase, 4 wire and 8 wire, dual circuits, Bus com System
Electrak Lighting designed to tapped power from any points to facilitate instant connection to power and control circuits .
It is simple and rapid to install, Popular KNX protocol used in the trunking for lighting communication and control.
Application – Industry, Railways, metros, airports and all type of offices and commercial buildings

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