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Low Level Order Pickers

2, 2.5 and 2.7 Ton capacity with maximum fork length of 2880mm
Electronic steering with the centre mounted ´X10 Handle´ for precise and effortless control
Adjustable fold-down lean seat, pallet entry rollers, ´QuickPick´ function with remote, numerous work assist options
2 and 2.7 tonne capacity
Maintenance free AC traction and steering motors, CAN-Bus technology and Access 1-2-3 comprehensive control system guarantee high energy efficiency and uptime, simplify maintenance
Patented e-Gen electronic braking system eliminates mechanical components and the need for maintenance
Intelligent steering control slows down the equipment while turning
Suspended floor board with unique anti-fatigue floor mat do not tire the operator even over long work hours
Integrated presence sensors ensure the machine is not accidentally operated when the operator is not in control
Configuration options: Fork lift, platform lift, fold down step, scissors lift
Scissors lift version has forks up to 2.88 m length to accommodate 2 pallets
Needs about 10% less aisle width than equivalent sit down rider forklifts
Error messages in display
Totalising function actuated by a switch
Auto sleep mode of display
High contrast display
2.5 tonne capacity; 185 mm lift height
Offered with 550 and 685 mm fork spread to manage different pallet sizes
Powder coated frame fabricated from cold rolled steel
Stainless steel version developed for use in pharmaceutical and food processing industries
CII Design Excellence Award 2014 for the Godrej 1.6 tonne, 3-wheel electric forklift

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Godrej Material Handling wins the Warehouse /Material Handling Company of the Year 2015 award at the 9th ELSC Leadership Awards 2015

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