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Tuff Easy Fix

TUFF Easyfix block binding mortar is a thin-joint, high strength adhesive for quick and firm construction of AAC blocks. It is manufactured through a PLC Controlled computerised process from cement and graded natural sand blended with polymer to impart high strength and water retention properties. Controlled manufacturing processes ensures consistent quality output as per specifications across batches. TUFF Easyfix is delivered to the construction site in bags. Only water needs to be added in adequate quantity prior to use.

Faster application

TUFF Easyfix allows for continuous laying and takes less time for setting than conventional mortar.


Reduced construction timelines by using TUFF Easyfix leads to reduction in direct cost of labour and overhead costs.

No Shrinkage cracks

No Shrinkage cracks.

Consistent Quality

Computerized manufacturing process in controlled environmental conditions ensures there is minimum human intervention to provide consistent output quality across batches.

Build accuracy

Improved build accuracy of finished walls.

100% natural sand

100% natural sand for best coverage results.

Stability & durability

TUFF Easyfix provides for better adhesion, stability and durability.

group_work Technical Specifications
AppearanceFree Flowing Powder
Water Demand25-30% (1:3)
WorkabilityVery Good
Hard Dry24 Hrs
Pot LifeApproximately 2 Hrs at 27o C
Curing RequiredNo
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