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Protect your shop, factory and home with hardened steel Imara padlock with self-locking shackle and double-locking mechanism. Resistant to external force or cutting by hacksaw, the body is rust and corrosion resistant. Comes with key retention feature, key can not be removed when lock is open. This ensuring secure locking.

Indian Design no. 265853

Indian Patent no. 1798/MUM/2015

Product Code Variant
6247 Imara 70 mm (3 Keys)
6248 Imara 80 mm (3 Keys)
Ideal for heavy duty applications

A solid brass padlock with double-locking for your shutters, grills and main doors

Hacksaw resistant

Resistant to hacksaw and external force.

High security

Precision pin-tumber mechanism for added security.

Double locking

Shackle gets engaged at both ends, for greater security.

Corrosion resistant

Corrosion-resistant for durability

Key retention

Key can not be removed while unlocked, ensuring secure locking

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