Herculoc Plus
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Herculoc Plus

This strogest padlock is virtually unpickable. It offers highest level of security for your main doors, shutters and grills. Comes with most advanced 3KS technlogy which offers 30 trillion key combinations. Drill, force and hacksaw resistant. Corrosion-resistant and anti-pick; offering you peace of mind for years. Enclosed shackle for added safety. Weathercap prevents entry of dust.

Indian Design no. 205542

Indian Patent no. 198010

Product Code Variant
5485 Herculoc Plus (4 Keys)
3KS technology

3KS Tecnology with 30 Trillion key combinations which makes chances of key duplicability virtually impossible

Sturdy construction

Protect your home and commercial establishment with the stylish, sturdy and tough Herculoc Plus padlock

Durable and unpickable

Solid brass body and shackles give the lock extra strength and toughness. Anti-pick technology to enhance security

Force and hacksaw resistant

The material used is toughened to resist the strongest of attacks

Corrosion resistant

Ensuring smooth operation for years

Weather cap

Weathercap to prevent entry of dust and grease

Built to withstand extreme conditions

Tested for consistent performance in extreme temperatures


12 months’ warranty from the date of purchase

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