Dual Access
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Dual Access

An unique offering for your special locking needs. Dual access makes it mandatory to have both keys to operate the lock.

Indian Design no. 207762

Indian Patent no. 254356

Product Code Variant
7395 Dual Access Padlock (2 Master Keys, 2 Common Keys)
Sturdy construction

Protect your home and office with the stylish, sturdy and tough Dual Access padlock

Ideal for controlled access

Dual access: . 2 keys are required to open the lock. Lock can be opened only after both the master key and the regular key have been inserted. Preventing unauthorized access .

Ultra technology

Ultra technology provides 10 Cr combinations which makes key very difficult to duplicate

Hacksaw resistant

Hacksaw resistant: The material used is toughened to resist the strongest of attacks

Rust resistant

Rust resistant: Ensuring smooth operation for years

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