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Vertibolt Ultra XL+

An attractive rim lock for sliding doors and double doors. Unique locking mechanism is crowbar resistant which provides you additional security. Comes with unique privacy knob and locking indicator. This lock comes with advanced Ultra XL+ technology. The colour button on key aids in differentiating key of one user from the other. Bigger keyhead of Ultra XL+ key provides better grip, making it very easy to operate the lock.

Indian Design no. 285807 (Key)

Indian Patent no. 196644, 196477, 197876

Product Code Variant
4290 Ultra XL+ Vertibolt 1CK Antique Brass (Blister)
4291 Ultra XL+ Vertibolt 1CK Satin Nickel (Blister)
3092 Ultra XL+ Vertibolt 1CK Texture Brown (Blister)
4292 Ultra XL+ Vertibolt 2C Antique Brass (Blister)
4293 Ultra XL+ Vertibolt 2C Satin Nickel (Blister)
3093 Ultra XL+ Vertibolt 2C Texture Brown (Blister)
Unique privacy feature

First of a kind safety knob

Suits home decor

Best looking vertibolt in the market

Ultra XL+ technology

This 14 pin technology provides 10 Cr key combinations which makes it extremely difficult to duplicate the key

Bigger keyhead

Provides better grip hence easy to operate

Colour buttons on key

Helps in differentiating key of one user from another user

11mm thick bolt

Thicker bolt ensure more resistance to burglar attacks

5 year warranty

5 years warranty from the date of purchase

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