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Tribolt Ultra XL+

Superior quality rim lock with three strong bolts to protect your home and office. Durable, strong and corrosion resistant, keeping you secure for years. Has a dedicated aldrop bolt which provides privacy as well as added security. Comes with advanced Ultra XL+ technology. The colour button on key aids in differentiating key of one user from the other. Bigger keyhead of Ultra XL+ key provides better grip, making it very easy to operate the lock.

Indian Design no. 285806, 285807, 190394

Product Code Variant
6086 Ultra XL+ Tribolt 1CK Satin Steel
6087 Ultra XL+ Tribolt 1CK Antique Brass
6088 Ultra XL+ Tribolt 1CK DB Satin Steel
6089 Ultra XL+ Tribolt 1CK DB Antique Brass
6090 Ultra XL+ Tribolt 2C DB Satin Steel
6091 Ultra XL+ Tribolt 2C DB Antique Brass
5762 Ultra XL+ Tribolt 1CK outside opening Satin Steel
5763 Ultra XL+ Tribolt 1CK outside opening Antique Brass
3 Strong bolts with distinct features

3 strong bolts with different features like latchbolt, deadbolt and privacy, provide high security to your property

Ultra XL+ technology

This 14 pin technology provides 10 Cr key combinations which makes it extremely difficult to duplicate the key

5 years warranty

5 years warranty from the date of purchase

Bigger keyhead

Provides better grip hence easy to operate

Colour buttons on key

Helps in differentiating key of one user from another user

Latch puller with puller clip

Latch puller for convenient operation and puller clip to avoid accidental lockout

Trivalent plating

Trivalent plating is environment friendly process which makes the product highly corrosion resistant

group_work Technical Specifications
  • Door backset
    69 mm
  • Door thickness
    25 mm to 60 mm
  • Type
    Rim Lock
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