Pentabolt Aries

What’s a thief’s worst nightmare? An unbeatable lock.


Know Pentabolt, Inside Out

Good things come in small packages

Un-pickable un-duplicable rim lock
Nickel Silver, Brass & Steel
Five Bolts
Advanced 3KS Technology
30 trillion key combinnations
Pentabolt Aries
Made from the highest quality Mazak Steel, with Nickel Silver, Brass and Aluminium components, its tough metal body comes with an aesthetically pleasing Roman Silver finish, giving you peace of mind for years.
Its advanced security technology ensures that only 1 in 30 trillion locks can be opened with the same key, making each lock as unique as the human DNA. With the Pentabolt Aries, you can bring home a lock that’s as special as you are.

The unpickable and unduplicable

Today, modern technology has helped us create just that- meet the Pentabolt Aries. This unpickable and unduplicable rim lock is designed for your wooden main door.

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