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“Arsa” , an intriguing range of handles, celebrating the Indian heritage of fine craftmanship and its luxuriance of myriad cultures, “Arsa” symbolizes sacred descent and golden eras, thus presenting a series that exceptionally illustrates intricate carvings embellishing temples, majestic forts and magnificent palaces all through our realm.

Product Code Variant
6110 Bel 350 mm Handle Antique Copper
6111 Kalassam 350 mm Handle Antique Brass
6112 Kalassam 350 mm Handle Antique Copper
6113 Udaan 350 mm Handle Antique Brass
6114 Udaan 350 mm Handle Antique Copper
6115 Mor 350 mm Handle Antique Brass
6116 Mor 350 mm Handle Antique Copper
5102 Kalasam Rosette Antique Brass
5103 Udaan Rossette Antique Brass
5104 Bel Rossette Antique Brass
5945 Mor Rossette Antique Brass
Premium Brass Handles

Made from forged brass making it corrosion resistant and long lasting.

Extra long coverplate

350 mm cover plate given the handle a more stylish look and bold appearance on the door

Smooth Operation

The handle is very easy and effortless to operate due to its revolutionary mechanism


5 years

group_work More information

    Our new collection is a blend of traditional and contemporary ideologies retaining the original spirit and excellence of the age old craft of Brass Forging. Forming brass under very high temperature and pressure result in high strength and intricate details. This lends the product unrivalled aesthetic supremacy. Exquisite finishes have been carefully selected to lend an air of opulence to each product. When each corner is carefully planned, designed and created, a space becomes an expression of the user. “Arsa” makes for a right choice in opening doors to one’s own piece of heaven.

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