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Catus Touch Plus Digital Lock with 4 in 1 Access

Wish to upgrade your home's safety by choosing a superior digital locking solution? Nothing will now hold you back. Presenting the Catus Touch Plus digital door lock with 4 in 1 access, the affordable answer to your digital home safety aspirations. Go keyless, as this electronic lock enables the door access through Password, Biometric access that has 360 degree Fingerprint Recognition, RFID card and Mechanical Key. Armed with advanced, pro-safety features, the Catus Touch Plus digital main door lock lets you ensure the very best digital technology for your home's safety, while also going easy on your wallet.

Product Code Variant
4200 Black
4202 Rose Gold
360° fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint once registered, the sensor recognizes upto 99 fingerprints at any angle.


Register upto 99 cards for multiple user access.

Pin Code

Register up to 99 unique pins. Save password of 4 to 9 digits for enhanced password strength.

Mechanical Key

In case of emergency the lock can be opened with mechanical key.

Privacy Function

If the privacy button is on, the lock can’t be opened from outside by PIN, Only mechanical override and master password is possible.

Anti Prank alarms

Lock stops functioning for 3 minutes after 3 failed attempts and generates a series of alarm.

Adjustable spy code

Random numbers can be added before or after the password in presence of strangers, thereby maintaining secrecy. For e.g. if the password is 1234 the lock can be opened by entering 1)56781234* 2)12345678*

Low battery indication

A beep sound alerts you in advance with LED indication to replace the battery.

Multi level volume control

Adjust volume with mute function for silent operations.

Emergency Micro USB

In case the battery is completely discharged external Power Bank can be used to provide emergency power supply to operate the lock.

Wrong password indication

Wrong password will give a beep sound.

AA Battery

Lock works on AA battery which is long lasting and provides stronger discharge currents for a much longer life.


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