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Advantis - Cabinet Lock

Product Code Variant
2999 Advantis - Cabinet Lock
Access Mode

Password: 4 to 9 digits for enhanced password strength (Register upto 10 unique passwords)

Dual Mode

The lock can be operated in Dual mode, i.e. in residential mode (like homes) and in commercial spaces (like gyms, hotels etc..)

Low Battery Indication

A beep sound alerts you in advance to replace the battery

Multi-Touch Function

An option which throws two random digits after you typed in your password, so that the fingerprints seen on the screen are unrecognisable

Multi Level Volume Control

Adjustable volume with mute function for silent operation

Emergency Battery

In case the battery is completely discharged, an external 9V battery* can be used to operate the lock (*external power supply cable to be bought separately)

Adjustable Spycode

Random numbers can be added before or after the password in the presence of strangers, there by maintaining secrecy.

Break-In damage alarm

Alarm goes off if the password is entered incorrectly 5 times in a row.


Eliminates the hassle of manually locking the door

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