In the event of a burglary attempt, the safe is equipped to trigger a local alarm via a hooter and sends an alert to up to eight registered phone numbers


Sends a silent alarm to registered users in the event of a distress situation, only applicable for safes with electronic or biometric lock

Torch and Tool Resistant*

Provides resistance to combat modern day torch and tool attacks

Automatic Relocking Device

Sets the safe into a deadlock in the event of an attack on the lock. This ensures the safe is unaffected

High Precision Locks

8-lever dual-control brass locks offer high number of combinations. These locks offer massive resistance against pilferage

Double Duty Barrier

Provides resistance against burglary attacks and renders the safe fire-resistant

Robust Construction

Two-step door and frame construction for higher resistance against ?re and burglary

Ease in Transportation

Lift-off hinges door construction which facilitates removal of door for ease in transportation and in service

Certified Fire Resistance

Class C safes have successfully withstood the one-hour ?re resistance test carried out at C.B.R.I., Roorkee, India.

BIS Certified

Tested as per BIS standard IS 550:2014

group_work Technical Specifications
ModelsExternal Height (mm)External Width (mm)External Depth (mm)Internal Height (mm)Internal Width (mm)Internal Depth (mm)Weight (kg)Volume (L)
61 DEF154177572013515854361280344
61 DEF159182577313515854362050344
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