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MyLock Candy

Worried about the safety of your luggage while traveling? Or the safety of your cycles parked outside? Leave all your worries behind with the bright and vibrant MyLock Candy. Offering complete peace of mind, the MyLock Candy is the best and most fun way to protect your valuables. Rust-resistant components ensure smooth operation for years. Shackle has self-lock mechanism when pressed. Key can be removed only in locked condition, ensuring secure locking.

Indian Design no. 263834

Indian Patent no. 240205

Product Code Variant
6666 MyLock Candy (2 Keys)
Ideal for small locking needs

Protect your luggage, computer and other valuables with the attractive and durable MyLock Candy.


Self locking mechanism. Key can not be removed while un-locked, this ensures secure locking.

Rust resistant

Tamper proof and rust resistant: Ensuring smooth operation for years

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