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ControlAiR-Demand Side Management
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ControlAiR™ IFC – Demand Side Management Solution

Godrej ControlAiR™ IFC - Demand Side Management Solution, is the revolutionary energy saving solution in the field of compressed air system. IFC creates useful storage by introducing a controlled differential pressure across an upstream receiver and itself. This storage isolates the compressors from demand side fluctuations. Peaks are dealt with using the reserve energy in storage instead of additional horsepower, allowing the compressors to run on reduced load. Thus by providing air at a controlled differential and at an optimum pressure to the plant, the mass of air consumed by pneumatic equipment, tools & leakages is reduced which in turn results in reduction in energy consumed by air compressors. We have 4000+ installations of Godrej ControlAiR™ IFC worldwide. We have received National Award from Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for Godrej ControlAiR™ IFC as "Innovative Energy Saving Product".
IFC – Downstream Controlle
IFC is designed specifically to operate at intermediate point of the compressed air system i.e. on the downstream side of the filter/ dryer/ receiver and upstream side of the main piping distribution system.
UPC – Upstream Controller
UPC maintains reduced constant upstream pressure in compressed air system.

Works with All Brands & Types of Air Compressors

Saves Compressed Air Energy through reduction in Artificial Demand by 4-25 %.

Fail safe operation through ‘Fail to Open’ modules and an additional Auto-Bypass Valve.

Pressure set point resolution: 1 psi (0.07 bar)

Pressure control in the range of: ±1 psi (±0.07 bar)

Multi-Parallel Fast Response System gives better air pressure / flow control in the plant.

Reduces leakages losses in the plant.

Enhances useful storage capability.

Isolates compressors from demand side peaks & troughs.

Ease of setting the Optimum Plant Pressure.

ControlAiR IFC is user friendly with the use of HMI Touchscreen Colour Graphics Display with multiple screens

group_work Industries We Serve
    • Automobile Industry

      Powering Pneumatic tools; atomize and propel paint through paint-spraying systems for even surface distribution; Powder coating; Tire inflation.

    • Robotic machinery

      Control of robotic machines on assembly lines.

    • Cement Plants

      For blending, aeration, fluidization and conveying of cement.

    • Pharmaceutical Industry

      Tablet coating and production; Pneumatic conveyor of tablets for filling, packaging and bottling.

    • Chemical Manufacturing & Process

      Production and Pneumatic conveyor of PET resin beads; Operation of control valves and actuators; Fermentation & Aeration processes.

    • Textile

      Precision control of pneumatic valves and cylinders in spinning machines; loom jet weaing for insertion of weft; winding machine with the purpose of splicing of yarn; various processes such as bleaching, dying, sewing and printing on fabric; blow-off of residual/dust material.

    • Paper & Pulp

      Variety of press application; Precision control of rollers to control paper thickness.

    • Food Industry

      Blow-off applications; Cleaning containers before filling containers with food; other applications include sorting, air knives for cutting and peeling of fruits and vegetables, shaping of food products & packaging.

    • General Manufacturing

      Powering rotary equipment and tools; Sand blasting and cleaning; Pneumatic lifting equipment; Plasma cutting & welding.


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