T83J door closer - CE certified (40 - 120Kg)
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T83J door closer - CE certified (40 - 120Kg)

T83J door closer is CE marked, compliant with BS EN 1154 and BS EN 1634 standards and comes with an attractive silver finish. It has a compact design & the body of the door closer is constructed from rust-proof extruded anodized aluminum with painted steel arm that ensures smooth and precise closing action offering high wear resistance. This door closer is suitable for left and right-handed, inside and outside opening doors that have a width between 850 to 1400 mm and weight between 40 to 120 kg. It is available in a selectable power size range of 2 to 6 and has adjustable closing and latching speed with an optional delayed action feature between 130 degrees to 65 degrees. The door closer is non-handed and can be installed without adjustment. It has a universal application with an adjustable backcheck function beyond approximately 60 degrees. The door closer has invisible fixings that are hidden by clipped covers. It uses a thermos-stable hydraulic fluid that ensures constant lubrication between a temperature range of -15°C to 40°C. The door closer is suitable for regular, transom fitting, and parallel arm fitting and is an ideal option for fire-retardant and fire exit doors in public buildings, offices, malls, theatres, entrance doors. The Door Closer has been tested for 5 Lakh life cycles.

Product Code Variant
7882 T83J door closer - CE certified (40 - 120Kg)
5 Lakh lifecycle tested

provides longer product life

Adjustable Backcheck

Provides a cushioning effect on the opening cycle

Adjustable Delayed action

Door closing speed can be adjusted for closing angle 180° to 70°

Adjustable Latching and closing speed

Speeds can be adjusted as per user requirement

Adjustable Power size (2-6)

Can be used for variying door weight from 40-120kg

CE & EN rated

Provides assurance against Fire safety and meet high quality standard

group_work Technical Specifications
  • Adjustable Backcheck
  • Adjustable Delayed Action
  • Adjustble Latching/Closing speed
  • CE Rating
  • EN Rating
  • Finish
  • Lifecycle test
    5 lakh
  • Max closing momentum
    18 Nm
  • Max door weight
    40kg - 120kg
  • Max door width
    850mm - 1400mm
  • Mounting type
    Surface mounted
  • Power size
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