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With its low derating technology, this air conditioner provides super powerful cooling event at 52-degree Celsius. Its UVCool technology disinfects 99.99% viral particles through UVC rays, That's not all, Its nano-coated anti-viral filter disinfects 99.9%+ viral particles, 100% copper condenser, evaporator coils & connecting tube, advanced inverter compressor technology with a 10 year compressor warranty. This R32 refrigerant based 3 star, 1.5 Tr. air conditioner is environment friendly, powerful and durable.

*Important note: Star rating from 1st July 2022 will be one star less than what it was on 1st Jan 2018 to 30th June 2022.

UVCool Inverter 3-Star Split Air Conditioners
1.5 Tr.
Energy (Star) Rating*
Height x Width x Depth (mm)
98.2 x 30 x 24.1
Weight (Kg)

Rs 47,900

UVCool Technology
UVCool Technology

UVCool technology emits UVC rays in the range of 260-275nm which is optimal to disinfect virus, bacteria and other harmful pathogens inside the air conditioner

Heavy Duty Cooling At 52°C
Heavy Duty Cooling At 52°C

Our air conditioners are built for Indian summers. Their design ensures that you stay cool even when temperatures rise as high as 52°C.

Power Saving Inverter Technology
Power Saving Inverter Technology

Our rotary inverter compressor gives you faster cooling with greater energy efficiency.

R32 - Low Global Warming Refrigerant
R32 - Low Global Warming Refrigerant

The use of an eco-friendly refrigerant like R32 (with Zero Ozone Depletion Potential and Low Global Warming Potential) helps in building a greener planet.

Eliminates 99.9%+ Viral Particles
Eliminates 99.9%+ Viral Particles

A special Nano Coated Anti-viral filter provides 99.9% viral sterilization keeping you and your loved ones safe

Active Carbon Filter
Active Carbon Filter

The filter contains extracts that deactivate captured bacteria & unpleasant odors. The filter catches dust mites, cigarette smoke & other common pollutants.

Anti-Dust Filter
Anti-Dust Filter

This filter helps remove small particles like pollen, hair, pet dander and dust.

Anti-Microbial Self Cleaning (Healthy Auto Blow)
Anti-Microbial Self Cleaning (Healthy Auto Blow)

This mode eliminates moisture from inside the indoor unit thereby preventing the growth of harmful micro-organisms inside the AC.

100% Copper Condenser And Connecting Pipe
100% Copper Condenser And Connecting Pipe

Ensures greater durability and delivers peace of mind.

Anti-Corrosive Coating On Condenser & Evaporator
Anti-Corrosive Coating On Condenser & Evaporator

A special anti-corrosive Blue Fin coating on the evaporator and the condenser coils protects from rust and corrosion.

i-Sense Technology
i-Sense Technology

The air conditioner comes equipped with 2 sensors, one on the unit and the other on the remote handset. The sensor in the remote will then sense the temperature around you and will control the air conditioner to match the set temperature with that of your location, providing utmost comfort.

Smart Diagnosis
Smart Diagnosis

The display in the indoor unit of your Godrej Air conditioner can help you diagnose issues with your AC

Anti-Freeze Thermostat
Anti-Freeze Thermostat

Intelligently protects your compressor by cutting off in the event of ice formation on the evaporator coils.

group_work Technical Specifications
  • (Rated) Voltage / Frequency / Phase
    230V/50 Hz/1 Phase
  • Acoustic Jacket On Compressor
  • Air Flow Volume (Dry Cfm)
  • Anti-Freeze Thermostat
  • Auto Restart With Memory Function
  • Compressor Type
  • Compressor Warranty
    10 Year
  • Condenser Fins
    Copper Condenser With Anti Corrosive Blue Fins
  • Cooling Capacity in Watts / Nominal Capacity in Tr.
    5000 w / 1.5 Tr.
  • Copper Pipe (m)
  • Display In IDU
    Hidden Display
  • Electricity Consumption (1600 Hours) Units Per Year
  • Evaporator Fins
    Hydrophilic Blue Fins
  • Expansion Device In ODU
  • Filter Configuration
    Anti-Dust + Active Carbon + Anti-Viral Nano Coated
  • Front Panel Colour
  • Horizontal Louver / Vertical Swing
  • Hygiene+ / Self Clean
  • IDU Dimension (w X h X d) cm
    98.2 X 30 X 24.1
  • Input Power Supply
    Indoor Unit
  • Inter Connecting Cable (m)
  • ISEER (Star Rating)*
    3.7 (3 Star)
  • Liquid Tube Size Outer Diameter Inch (mm)
    1/4" (6.35)
  • Max Ambient Temp (Cooling) °C
  • Max Piping Capability Total (m)
  • Max Piping Capability Vertical (m)
  • Model No.
    GIC 18DTC3-W UVC
  • Modes
  • Net Weight IDU (Kg)
  • Net Weight ODU (Kg)
  • Noise Level Indoor (High / Medium / Low) in db(A)
  • Noise Level Outdoor in db(A)
  • ODU Dimension (w X h X d) cm
    78 X 54.5 X 32
  • Power Input in Watts
  • Refrigerant
  • Refrigerant Additional Charge Beyond 4m (g/m)
  • Running Current (Amps)
  • Self-Diagnosis
    Yes (Error codes)
  • Suction Tube Size Outer Diameter Inch (mm)
    1/2" (12.7)
  • Timer On / Off
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Godrej Appliances becomes one of the eight finalists across the globe and among 139 applicants for the Global Cooling Prize.

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National Energy Conservation Award For Refrigerators, 3rd Year In A Row, Bureau Of Energy Efficiency-Govt. Of India (2019,18,17)

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National Energy Conservation Award For Refrigerators, Bureau Of Energy Efficiency-Govt. Of India (2017)

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National Energy Conservation Award For ACs, Bureau Of Energy Efficiency-Govt. Of India (2016)

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National Energy Conservation Award For ACs, Refrigerators And Manufacturing Plants By Bureau Of Energy Efficiency-Govt. Of India (2015)

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Reader's Digest Trusted Brand-Gold(2006, 07, 08, 09, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19)

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Best Social Media Brand - SAMMIE 2019

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Godrej Appliances bags the “CII-EXIM bank Award” for Business Excellence.

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Godrej Appliances gets recognized for its role in Protecting India Against Covid-19. The brand was adjudged with India Health and Wellness Awards 2020 (Gold) by IHW Council.

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Green Think

Protection of Environment is one of the core values of Godrej & we seek your co-operation to make sure that this product ,packaging and plastic material is not disposed as unsorted municipal waste.

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Green Think

"Brighter living" is a unique vision with an inclusive approach aimed at creating a greener India. Developed with intelligent technologies, we seek to design and deliver environmentally superior products which are energy efficient.

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Green Approach

Our green approach has brought us much recognition, such as:

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Magic Of 3R's

Since we believe in protecting the environment, we build in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (3 Rs) element in our processes. As an initiative in this space, we have taken a step towards reusing discarded materials as a resource for manufacturing.

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Godrej Take Back Policy

Electronic waste (E-waste) comprises of waste /electronic goods which are not fit for their originally intended use. These outdated/obsolete appliances or electrical/electronic devices found in offices and houses can become hazardous if not discarded properly.

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