Who says doing the laundry,
is a Chore ?

Eon Front Load, WF EON 7010 PASC
Eon Front Load, WF EON 7010 PASC Eon Front Load, WF EON 7010 PASC

you can rely on.

With our range of Godrej Eon Front Load washing machines, not only will your clothes be rid from visible stains, but invisible germs and allergens as well.

Allergy Protect Technology
Allergy Protect Technology

The allergy protect wash program removes 7 common allergens and 4 kinds of bacteria from your clothes, as it cleans them.

Eco-Balance Mode

Eco-Balance Technology automatically optimizes energy and water consumption according to the laundry load. It saves up to 50% energy consumption.

Eco-Balance Mode

Reduces wrinkles after wash for easier ironing.

Unbalanced Load Detection
Unbalanced Load Detection

Automatically detects and redistributes an unbalanced wash load during the wash cycle.

Unbalanced Load Detection

Protects the machine and laundry from excess foam during wash.

3 Level Stain Selector
3 Level Stain Selector

It provides three stain level options for effective cleaning.

3 Level Stain Selector
Rapid 15

A quick, 15 minute wash program for mildly soiled laundry.

3 Level Stain Selector
Child Lock

Ensures that your little one can not meddle with your wash cycle.

3 Level Stain Selector
Error Detection

A self-diagnosis system for easier error detection and service.

3 Level Stain Selector
Protection system

Ensure appropriate water level in wash tub according to the wash algorithm.

Night Wash
Night Wash

A mode designed especially for low-noise night-time washes.

3 Level Stain Selector
15 Wash

15 different wash programs suitable for most laundry needs.

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Gets rid of stains, germs, allergens
and those worry lines on your forehead.

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