Omnivore Partners: Investing in the future of Indian agriculture

We are passionate about Indian agriculture. And at Godrej Agrovet, we are looking for ways to address India's key agricultural crises, innovate and build for the future.

In 2010, we took this a step further and became the anchor investor in the India-based agri-tech venture capital fund, Omnivore Partners. This idea was spearheaded by Mark Kahn, the then Vice President of Strategy at Godrej Agrovet.

Omnivore invests in early stage startups that are developing breakthrough technologies for food and agriculture. Its focus areas include farm mechanisation and automation, sustainable inputs and biotechnology, big data and information services, internet of things and precision agriculture, supply chain and food safety technologies, innovative food products and services, among others. F

We invest in Omnivore because we believe that increasing agricultural yields is one of the greatest challenges of our times. As Mark puts it, "We believe the global ecosystem for ag-tech innovation is not prepared to grapple with the future challenge of food security… Omnivore is going to back the Googles and Twitters of ag-tech."

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